5 Top iOS App Trends That Will Revolutionize The Education Sector In 2019

5 Top iOS App Trends That Will Revolutionize The Education Sector In 2019
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Summary: iOS apps for education are getting a boost of technology with the latest iOS app trends in 2019. Learn what the prime moving trends that will shape future educational apps of Apple App Store are.

Top iOS App Trends That Will Alter Education This Year

People say change is the only constant, and it is a universal truth. Everything needs to keep changing to improve and innovate, and the prime mover for change is technology. The sector that needs the most change at present is education, and the perfect platform to do so is iOS apps development. The parents that used to scold kids for overusing smartphones now encourage them to use more, thanks to innovative educational apps that are changing the way kids study and learn.

Hardware Updates By Apple For Education

The new iPad for education takes eLearning to a whole new level inspiring creativity and learning. This iPad is designed to be the ultimate tool for education with its large retina display, advanced front and rear cameras for photos, videos, and face time calls. Apple pencil and iPad pro have become the creative tool of choice by the world’s most demanding pro artists, illustrators, and designers. There are numerous educational apps designed with integration to apple pencil so that the kids can get complete freedom to explore possibilities of drawing and writing on the iPad.

Proof Of Apple’s Success In The Education Sector

  • 38% of kids below 8 years of age have started using mobile phones.
  • A survey indicated that 57% of the children use tablets for educational apps.
  • Apple App Store has approximately 200,000 education-focused applications.
  • Teachers at around 2,000 schools all around the world are coding by using Swift (Language developed by Apple).
  • 80% of the apps in iTunes store’s education category are targeted towards children.

Best iOS App Development Trends For Education

1. Smart Annotation

Smart annotation is an all-new feature by which marking up pages and projects become far too easy for teachers as well as students. Today, students are turning in their pages electronically, but if a teaching faculty wants to markup the papers, then they have to print it out or convert it into a PDF and mark up from some third party apps. With smart annotations, teachers can simply write or add marks right on the digital document itself. With Smart Annotations, your markings stay anchored to the words they are added to. So if you or the student adds something to the main document content, then the markups will also move smartly and stick to the anchored text.

2. AR And VR In iOS Apps

VR and ΑR are beginning to offer visual components beyond the wildest dreams of educators. Though in its early stages, the inevitability of its usage is becoming clearer by the day. Such apps can let students discover dangerous parts of the world and unique environments that couldn’t be visited due to the dangers. History lessons would be more interesting and informative as you can travel through different times for history lessons and meet famous pioneers from 100’s of years ago.

3. Gamification

It’s pretty simple. Kids love games. The use of apps to make learning fun and interactive has changed learning forever and is a $2.8 billion industry. There are many amazing iOS apps that have included gamification to improve the way children interact with the app and learn. Some of the game-changing, gamified apps are, TedEd, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Memrise, etc. All these amazing app examples are just the tip of the iceberg of all the great education gamification examples. This iOS app trend is here to stay and here to change the world.

4. Classkit

Just as Apple provides ARKit for AR app development and SiriKit to integrate Siri with your iOS apps, they are also providing ClassKit. With ClassKit, you can convert the entire school administration and handling system digital and put it into an iPad. This ClassKit provides features that can be used by educational institutions with Apple School manager. Student progress can be observed in the iPad and teachers can assign activities through the app. Privacy of student ID and their data’s security is maintained.

5. Cloud-Based Learning

In every industry that cloud technology put its feet, there have been drastic positive changes. This stands true for the education sector also. With cloud-based learning, the ways of studying have not only become remote but also simple and enriching. Cloud systems take away the concerns of building a physical infrastructure to maintain the app working which, in turn, reduces the cost of development. Students now get online curricula from such apps and don’t need to rely on physical resources to study.

How Will These iOS Mobile Apps Help Kids Study?

The children don’t need to stick to a pre-planned timetable to study; instead, they can learn whenever and wherever they want. So the dependency on factors like time and place won’t matter anymore. Many school apps can include payment options in their app so that in-app payment can be for services of a stationery shop, school fee, and any other additional fee for courses and activities.

Your iOS education app can integrate a broad range of communicative activities, including building a word, spot the difference, puzzles, crosswords, etc. By doing this whenever the kids get bored by learning from the app, they can play these activities, keeping the interest in the app, intact. The biggest reason for such apps is the effortlessness of the whole thing. All the access to education can be tapped with just a touch on the screen. This changes the real-life physical approach to education too.


So these were our pick for top iOS App trends for the education sector. Education is a noble profession, and every step towards making the kids learn more gives immense joy to the creator. If you can get all of this and also a good amount of money to run this app, then you may just have found the perfect balance between making money and doing good deeds for others. But don't forget that in order to make a revolutionary app, you probably need an expert on educational app development by your side.