Keys To Designing A Results-Driven eLearning Curriculum [eBook Launch]

Keys To Designing A Results-Driven eLearning Curriculum [eBook Launch]
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Summary: This eBook will help you create a results-driven eLearning curriculum that achieves business objectives and sparks employee growth.

Unlock Proven Strategies To Create A Results-Driven eLearning Curriculum

What's the secret to developing an eLearning curriculum that improves performance behaviors and empowers employees? This eBook by Kineo shares tried-and-tested strategies to help you personalize the training process and achieve the desired results. It covers everything from project charters to audience analysis so that your organization can unlock its internal talent.

eBook Release: Keys To Designing A Results-Driven eLearning Curriculum
eBook Release
Keys To Designing A Results-Driven eLearning Curriculum
Explore the 5 easy steps to creating eLearning curriculums that deliver the skills and behavioral changes that produce measurable business impact.

The Importance Of Holistic eLearning Curriculum Development

While some organizations may focus solely on the goals and objectives, it's crucial to consider the big picture. Why do you need to challenge certain assumptions or alter work habits? What motivates your employees? How do training activities tie into real-world performance and how can you measure outcomes that are more qualitative? These are all factors that come into play when creating personalized learning experiences that make an impact on not just your team members but your business's bottom line.

About This eBook

How do you fuel employee growth and achieve business objectives? Which gaps and goals should you focus on? Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find in this insightful read:

  • 5 Steps To A Results-Driven Curriculum: Steps you can take to design with results in mind.
  • Create A Project Charter: The secret is articulating the problem and desired result.
  • Know Your Audience: Why people should be at the heart of what you develop and why you design eLearning solutions.
  • Define The Performance Goals And Barriers: What do you need learners to be able to do and why?
  • Surface Solution Constraints: Are there specific constraints or requirements for the project that you must consider?
  • Envision The Learning Experience: It’s time to envision your solution.
  • Design – The Never-Ending Story: Turn your ideas into an eLearning reality.


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