eBook Release: Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown

Launch A Successful Change Management Program
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Summary: You’re making a change in your organization to further success and stay ahead of the competition. But online training costs can quickly skyrocket if you don’t set a realistic budget. Which expenses should you consider to you stretch your L&D resources?

How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program

Most organizations are aware of employees’ aversion to change. But they may not know about the level of fear, stress, and apprehension involved. That staffers are unsure of new roles, tasks, or team leaders. The worry reaches a fever pitch when fresh business practices are implemented, and employees lack the necessary support. An effective change management online training program preps them for these times of transition. It gives them all the online training tools they need to appease doubts and build more self-confidence. Our eBook, Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown: How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program can help you ease employees into new business horizons. First, let’s highlight 5 top budgeting factors you should consider when implementing change management online training.

eBook Release: Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown
eBook Release
Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown
Launch a change management program that is destined to be a roaring success.

Top Budgeting Factors For Change Management Online Training

1. Training Needs Analysis

Before you enact a change you must figure out what’s lacking from your current online training strategy. As well as which skills and information the employees need in order to achieve the desired outcomes. This calls for a Training Needs Analysis and all the expenses that come with it. From analyzing LMS reports to conducting surveys. Equipped with this data, you will be able to implement a successful change management online training program that hits on all the key points.

2. Online Training Content Development

Another budgeting factor to consider for change management online training is online training content creation. Even if you repurpose existing online training resources, you must still develop fresh online training tools to facilitate change. Do you need to purchase a new rapid eLearning authoring tool? Do you already have multimedia? Will you have to invest in third-party assets? Does your team have the necessary experience and expertise to develop online training content? If not, how much time (and money) will you allocate to the learning curve? Rapid eLearning software makes the process easier and more cost-effective. But team members still need some design wherewithal in order to create fresh online training resources that are memorable and personalized.

3. eLearning Outsourcing

Instead of developing online training content in-house, many organizations turn to eLearning content providers. In other words, trained professionals who can shorten the timeline and stretch your budget. However, this introduces another set of expenses. Will you hire the outsourcing partner for a sample project in order to see if they meet your standards? If they pass the test, how much are you willing to spend on the project? Do you need to hire them for other solutions, such as microlearning or TNA? Create a realistic eLearning outsourcing budget and ask about upfront versus ongoing fees. For example, they may request milestones at certain points during the project. Or charge extra for ongoing support or updates. Meet with the eLearning vendor to clarify costs and set communication guidelines.

4. Online Training Upkeep

Change management requires constant re-evaluation and revision. Particularly, a far-reaching change that impacts every department or branch of your organization. Thus, you need to account for online training upkeep. How will you analyze employee engagement? Do you have to update the online training content periodically to factor in new compliance regulations or policies? If you’ve outsourced, does the eLearning vendor include periodic maintenance in the package? Do you have to hire someone to serve as an eLearning admin? You may also have to go back to step one and conduct a Training Needs Analysis every so often. This is to ensure that your online training approach is still relevant and aligns with the organizational online training objectives.

5. eLearning Feedback And Follow-Up

Employees still need microlearning support tools after the online training course to refresh their memory and reinforce what they know. So, gathering eLearning feedback and ongoing support are two additional cost considerations. Diagnostics may be in the form of surveys, polls, assessments, and even live events. This allows you to glean the employees' opinions about online training and if it addresses their primary pain points. A JIT online training library fulfills the follow-up component. However, you can also implement peer coaching to provide personalized support. Or invite employees to contribute their own online training content to reduce costs and get them actively involved. Even then, you should hire a moderator to approve DIY online training resources and provide eLearning feedback.

How To Ease Employees Into Change And Retain Your Top Talent

Change management isn’t about forcing employees into your new corporate mold. It’s about making them feel like they’re part of the team and taking their emotional states into consideration. And our new eBook, Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown: How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program, walks you through every step of the online training implementation:

  • Reasons To Launch A Change Management Online Training Program
  • Employee Fears You Can Overcome With Organizational Change Management Online Training
  • Change Management Models To Implement In Your Online Training Program
  • Tips To Evaluate Your Current Change Management Process
  • Tips To Prep Your Team For New Leadership With A Change Management Plan
  • Employee-Centered Organizational Change Management Strategies For Your SMB
  • Stress-Free Change Management Steps To Implement In Your Organization
  • Change Management Best Practices Every eLearning Company Should Follow
  • A Change Management Plan Example You Can Customize For Your Organization
  • Change Management Online Training Resources That Don't Break The Bank
  • Tips To Choose An eLearning Content Provider For Change Management Online Training
  • Change Management Consulting Questions To Ask Your eLearning Outsourcing Partner
  • Unexpected Benefits Of Change Management Consulting For eLearning Companies

Get your copy of our eBook to implement change without losing your top performers. Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown: How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program features tips and tricks to develop your own online training content. As well as pointers to find the perfect eLearning outsourcing partner and utilize their insider expertise. Employees may be resistant to change. But the right online training approach can put their mind at ease and help them acclimate to the new procedures and protocols.