Learn How You Can Optimally Use Your LMS

7 Ways You Can Optimally Use Your LMS

There are multiple types of LMSs out there; however, just choosing one is not the answer to the problem, but rather choosing one and utilizing it optimally is. There are many challenges in an LMS, and we are going to discuss some of them and how to solve them so that you can efficiently create and sell online courses that will stand out amongst competitors and outperform them. You can improve the efficiency of your existing LMS by just using it more optimally and solving the existing challenges which are:

1. Tracking Updates

Setting up tasks and tracking them without a proper tracker can be a nightmare for instructors. Hence, a proper tool to track the workload should be present. And, it should also help the learner manage their time and keep them properly informed about the task at hand. A task tracker helps to keep track of progress made and how much is left in the course. It can also have milestones that need to be completed within a stipulated amount of time. This will keep the learners motivated and engaged in the course.

2. Good Integration With Social Media

To be able to reach a wider audience and effectively increase the communication between learners and instructors, there should be a proper integration of social networks where they can share courses or post directly about the course they just completed or even ask for help about a topic they are stuck on. This can be done in the course forum or some other social media platform which will ultimately lead to more people being aware of the course, and thus, indirectly, your course will eventually reach an even wider audience than before.

3. Keeping Track Of Progress

With everything being online, with minimal offline interactions, students can receive instant assessments, feedback, and progress reports and grades. They can have instantaneous feedback that they can work on. This also provides a place to monitor all the students' progress in one place without having to switch between tabs. This makes it easier for the instructor to analyze where the class as a whole stands with respect to each individual.

4. Unrestricted Access To Libraries

Learners should be able to access the online libraries and databases which will help them understand a course and clear their doubts. There should be a dedicated place to search for the course-specific terms. Also, either in the comments or as an extra to the video, new words, which the learner will encounter for the first time and will find it tough to understand in one go, should be explained in detail. Reading it or hearing it more than once will help their retention and make them understand the course better.

5. Compatible With A Mobile Screen

A good LMS should provide a responsive design based on the device it is viewed upon. It should provide the same User Experience on handheld mobile phones as in a browser. It should take into account the various range of devices and their screen sizes. This can give them an edge over the difference in usage and provide better User Experience for the customer. Learners might not prefer a desktop or laptop to study due to various reasons; for example, they are away from their computer, or maybe they are traveling and bringing their device wasn't an affordable option. Hence in such situations, the learner should not feel left out and should be able to access the course via their mobile device and continue from where they left off.

6. Provision To Send Messages To Each Other

The LMS should have a built-in chat feature to ensure that the instructor and learners can communicate with each other without leaving the platform. This is a great way to avoid distractions. It also helps keep all the chats related to a course in one place, which can be really handy when wanting to find something.

7. Proper Rewards For Goal Completion

Everybody loves gifts, and the course should reward the learner with a proper gift or a sense of completion after the course. This can be done via some amount of money in the platform's currency, which can be used to purchase other courses on the same platform. Thus, this can serve as a great motivational factor to finish the course. It can be a fraction of the cost of the course but nevertheless, the sense of satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a course will be the main aim.

These are the 7 tips and tricks on how to use your LMS optimally in order to increase effectiveness and the benefits from it.

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