Learning a language: Interactive Videos and Spaced Repetition

Learning a language: Interactive Videos and Spaced Repetition

Learning a language: Interactive Videos and Spaced Repetition. Synergic Advantages.

+1-1=0: N0 progress in learning a language?

While learning (+1) we’re forgetting (-1) what we’ve learnt before. No way out?

Forgetting previously learnt information in the process of learning new information is the main reason, I believe, accounting for very slow progress in achieving noticeable results in studying a foreign language. Two steps forward and 1,5 -1,99 steps backward (it depends on an individual, of course). If we realized that before starting our studies we would probably never start. It’s no use studying unless we can’t find a way out. Otherwise it’s just waste of our precious time. Our knowledge and skills are like a skyscraper: the more floors the better we know the language, the more confident we are about our skills in it. Nobody would agree to spend all their lives in a basement without any hope to construct some more floors above provided there is such an opportunity.It’s obvious that while acquiring new pieces of information we have to spend some time revising the ones we studied before. Sometimes revising seems to us boring because new things we study are more appealing and give us the impression of fast progress. Only an impression- nothing more – that what we’ll know afterwards.What I can suggest you is to start constructing your skyscraper together with my free English/Russian languages teaching set:


Interactive videos plus cards for the program ANKI (a free program that uses the ‘spaced repetition’ method)

With my interactive videos you can repeat a piece of recording and easily navigate around the phrases. These words and phrases are also presented in my free cards for ANKI with which you’ll memorize the information by the spaced repetition method. This method is based on the suggestion that there exists the ideal moment for repetition: if you learn before that moment, you waste your time and remember nothing; if you miss that moment, you forget what you’ve learnt and start from the very beginning. That’s how you begin going round in a circle …The program ANKI calculates this ideal moment and tells you when to repeat.  So if you follow the instructions of the program, the learnt information will be kept in long-term memory and words and phrases will always be at your service.

3 Tips to work with Videos and Cards 

  1. Start with video (1) – ‘listen and repeat in pauses’. While watching this video practise pronunciation.
  2. Then start learning the cards with the program ANKI. During the first stage of learning study the cards thoroughly trying to memorize them; during the second stage just look through only the cards that the program offers you on a particular day spending not more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
  3. While you are working at the cards in the program ANKI you can also watch video (2) -  ‘translate into Russian’ and check how well you remember the words and phrases.

Tips for TeachersThanks to its interactivity our video is suitable teaching material for a group of students. You can use very big monitors - the texts in the video are not distorted on screens of any sizes. Studying ANKI cards for this video is what students can do by themselves.Videos introduce you to a conversational topic. With videos you can practice your pronunciation and check how well you remember. The videos can also be used as a teaching background for your daily routine. And it is the ANKI cards, which will make you, remember the words and phrases of the topic forever.Thus you’ll start your movement forward, or better to say, upward constructing floor above floor in your personal skypescraper.How it works

Free teaching sets:

  1. English-Russian PhrasebookInteractive videos for ANKI cards. 'I didn't catch that' (1)ANKI cards for English-Russian Phrasebook
  2. English ConversationInteractive videos for ANKI cards. 'Can you help me?'ANKI cards for English Conversation

To repeat a piece of recording click on 'again' in the left top corner. To navigate around the phrases click on the phrase you need in the lower part of the screen. No distortion on screens of any sizes.WARNING: the interactivity is not available if you use a mobile device, tablet or TV set. Instead please watch our conventional video (corresponding playlists without interactivity).To watch the latest videos and download the cards for them please subscribe to Nikolay Filevskiy YouTube channelDownload the program ANKI (free): http://ankisrs.net/