Free eBook: How To Implement An Engaging LMS

LMS Implementation: Plan For Learning Management System Success

Opting for an engaging LMS means going for a new training and development strategy. It is a decision that will bring improvement and changes. The sum of them you can only imagine. In case you are not the imagining type and want to get right down to business, set your eyes on the pages that follow. All the stages are carefully described. Or, in other words, the path to implementing an engaging LMS is paved for you.

How To Implement An Engaging LMS
Discover a step-by-step guide on how to plan for, choose, implement, and evaluate an engaging Learning Management System for your new training and development program.

Knowledge Anywhere is not only sharing gladly the experience earned but doing it in an organized manner. Accompanying numerous firms on this journey over the years, they have valuable knowledge to offer. Preparing your company, researching the market, making the implementation happen, as well as reaping the goods that’ll come of it, add up for the process. With How To Implement An Engaging LMS | Plan For LMS Success you will be learning from past mistakes and best practices. They both lead to success.

About The eBook

One might think that this is all about LMS implementation, but that is not quite the way it goes. The writers that composed this piece take the preceding stages equally seriously. You have to plan it all ahead, convince the decision makers in your firm, and then have the knowledge and judgment needed to find the LMS that suits you. Once you purchased it, be ready for a series of implementation-related tasks. Whenever a question mark is raised above your head, consult How To Implement An Engaging LMS | Plan For LMS Success. What’s even better, you get tips on nurturing a learning culture and evaluating your ROI.


  • Pre LMS: Planning For The Journey
  • Making Your Case: Getting The Nod From Your Boss
  • Finding An LMS That Fits Your Needs: Features, Cost, Support, And Connectivity
  • LMS Implementation: Configuration, System Integration, Data Migration And Content
  • Learner Engagement With The LMS: Encourage Use With A Learning Culture
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your LMS: Evaluate Your ROI And Improve Your Processes

SMART is the word, to begin planning. Of course, it refers to the famous process for setting goals, that must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and within a time frame. So, a timeline is the other important ingredient. Before diving into the LMS market for research, arrange your thoughts. The position, needs, and workforce of your company should be placed together with goals and timeline. As for convincing the boss for the investment, this read offers you arguments against the common questions and obstacles raised.

Now that you got the “Ok”, it is time to ensure the “thumbs up”. To pick the platform that will justify the investment to be done, you have to be clear about the features you must have. Look for a free trial or a live demo, make sure that’ll get the best support you can afford. Now that I’ve mentioned it, you can’t proceed if your choice is not one with respect towards your budget. Before closing the subject, read on to keep connectivity and future growth in focus.

Right in the center of How To Implement An Engaging LMS | Plan For LMS Success lies an extensive guide for all the actions that you, your team, and your LMS provider must take. Step by step, Knowledge Anywhere unfolds the initiation and execution of “Project LMS”. Compose and tick off a checklist like the one seen here, and you can rest assure for the way things are going.

The next thing that attention turns to is learner engagement. Always target creating effective communication with those who you want as users/learners. Look into what kind of channels will help you in doing this and how to write your content. Tips and facts are here, all aiming to you successfully creating a workplace culture of learning. This is a most effective way to mobilize your employees and bring on new and motivated members for your team.

Coming to the end of this eBook it is crucial, for all your time and efforts to be rewarded, that you are able to measure all that is produced with the use of an engaging LMS. Goals achieved and goals missed, all seen through key performance indicators. They will be the judges of how successful was your initial choice and how well was it implemented. As an afterword, Knowledge Anywhere urges you to keep in mind the insight shared here and be prepared.

If you want to gain valuable insight on how to prepare your organization for purchasing, implementing, embracing, and evaluating an engaging LMS, download this eBook today.

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