How To Implement An Engaging LMS | Plan For LMS Success

by Knowledge Anywhere

Making the decision to implement a new training and development program can be exciting and daunting. There are many steps to complete and knowing those steps from the beginning will help streamline and optimize the implementation process to save your team time and resources.


This step-by-step guide details how to plan for, choose, implement and evaluate an engaging LMS.

Key Chapters

  1. Pre LMS: Planning for the journey

    Solidify your high-level needs, find your team, and create your goals and timeline.

  2. Making your case: Getting the nod from your boss

    Strategies to utilize to clearly communicate the advantages of a new LMS for your organization.

  3. Finding an LMS that fits your needs

    Analyze the LMS features, cost structure, support, and connectivity that will help you achieve a successful learning and development program.

  4. LMS Implementation

    Gain insight into the steps to actually implementing the LMS into your organization. Learn about the configuration, integration, data migration, and content planning for the new system.

  5. Learning engagement with the LMS

    The system doesn't mean much if learners aren't using it. Here is how to encourage use with a learning culture.

  6. Getting the most out of your LMS

    Implementing an LMS is not enough, you need to evaluate the ROI and improve your processes.

It will be a rewarding journey, and the more you know now, the easier your implementation will be later on.

There are a lot of moving parts when implementing a new Learning Management System. Knowing what will need to be completed ahead of time will help a team avoid costly mistakes by planning ahead and learning best practices.

Charlie Gillette

Charlie Gillette
CEO, Knowledge Anywhere