5 Benefits Of Machine Learning In eLearning

Machine Learning: 5 Benefits In eLearning
Summary: With machine learning becoming a popular topic in eLearning, most instructors and L&D professionals are now getting curious to know about its benefits. In this article, we'll be looking at the benefits of machine learning and how it can improve online learning.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that presents systems with the ability to learn automatically to increase their accuracy without being programmed. The primary aim is to enable the machine systems to learn on their own, without any form of human intervention.

Even though most people must have heard about it, only a few fully understand what it is and its benefits to eLearning. There are many benefits of machine learning for online training. However, one needs to make use of the best practices to achieve the benefits and deliver a better Learning Experience.

Machine learning focuses on creating computer algorithms that can access data, and then using it to make future predictions. Its learning process begins with observing, then checking for data, and finally making better decisions. Here are a few algorithms used by machine learning.

  • The Supervised Algorithm
    In this category of machine learning, the system makes use of new data and previous examples to make future predictions. So, a programmer can train the system by providing it with inputs and outputs without any other intervention. With time, the system will create targets for the new sets of data.
  • The Unsupervised Algorithm
    It doesn't involve any data classifications or labeling. The system makes future predictions by identifying patterns through data evaluation.
  • The Semi-Supervised Algorithm
    This category of machine learning algorithm falls between the supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Since one uses labeled data and the other uses unlabelled data, the semi-supervised uses small labeled data and a large amount of unlabelled data. The semi-supervised algorithm helps the system by making improvements in learning accuracy.
  • Reinforcement Algorithm
    In this category, the system needs to complete a specific task. During the process, it continuously receives feedback through reinforcement signals, which it uses to learn the desired behavior.

5 Benefits Of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of eLearning as it can offer online learners a variety of benefits. Let's have a look at the benefits it can offer to the future of eLearning.

1. Improves eLearning Return On Investment

With machine learning, a wide profit margin is sure. How is that possible? Well, you spend less on creating your online training while delivering quality training. With help from predictive analytics, you can track your learners' progress and other learning experiences. That'll empower you to utilize your eLearning resources at the required time and place.

2. Delivers More Personalized eLearning Content

One of the benefits of machine learning is its ability to use pattern recognition to predict learning outcomes. For instance, a machine learning algorithm will identify where a learner is struggling with your course module. After identifying it, it automatically makes adjustments by providing helpful information to progress. If a student exhibits a specific skill gap, the system automatically recommends content in a personalized format to help the learner acquire knowledge.

3. Employs Chatbots As eLearning Instructors

Chatbots are software built with machine learning and AI to interact with humans. This software can take the place of an eLearning instructor to deliver a better Learning Experience. In case of questions, they are built to give precise answers to questions on a specific subject matter.

Chatbots are essential in eLearning as they have no restrictions on answering questions or giving projects/assessments to students. You can use them to create an interactive Learning Experience that learners crave. Furthermore, they're readily accessible, and you can reach out to your instructor anytime to seek clarification on any subject matter with just a click.

4. Motivates Learners To Acquire Knowledge

Another benefit of machine learning is its ability to motivate learners to achieve the learning goal. Unlike generic eLearning courses, personalized courses help learners to save the time of having to go through irrelevant content to acquire the learning goal. So with machine learning, you can deliver customized training that meets your learners' requirements.

Irrelevant information can be distracting to learners. So by giving them exactly what they need, they can get motivated to complete your online training course.

5. Provides Multiple Assessment Formats

No doubts, multiple-choice questions are one of the easiest to grade. That explains why most instructors prefer to make use of it for their training. However, with machine learning, you need not worry about that. With the introduction of machine learning, you can access your learners' knowledge with different quiz formats.

Machine learning is going to make a positive impact on the future of eLearning. The above are a few of the benefits that it can bring to your online training.

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