Making A Performance Impact: Leveraging Self-Directed Learning [eBook Launch]

Making A Performance Impact: Self-Directed Learning Experiences
Summary: This eBook delves into self-directed learning experiences to help you empower and engage your remote teams.

How Can Self-Directed Learning Experiences Benefit Your Organization?

What is self-directed learning and how can you leverage it in your L&D programs to bridge gaps and improve employee performance? This eBook explores how to implement self-directed learning to identify and bridge gaps, as well as empower your remote learners.

eBook Release: Making A Performance Impact: Leveraging Self-Directed Learning
eBook Release
Making A Performance Impact: Leveraging Self-Directed Learning
This eBook is the result of an ATD Forum hackathon that included perspectives from thought leaders on how to build a personal learning system and the resources, tools, and processes they use.

How Self-Directed Learning Can Unlock Your Team's Potential

One of the standout benefits of self-directed learning experiences is putting learners in control of their own development while still keeping them on track to achieve organizational objectives. They have the opportunity to disclose hidden areas for improvement, create personalized goals, and choose resources that work best for them and their professional needs. This approach also offers them the chance to tap into peer support and JIT tools to broaden their knowledge base. However, this requires a training solution that allows for individualized paths so that you can develop meaningful experiences for everyone, regardless of their current experience level or skillset. That's where this eBook steps in to guide you through the process, from designing roadmaps and applying learning science to implementing your talent development plan.

About This eBook

How to plot a course that leads to better on-the-job performance? Why should you consider incorporating SDL into your current training strategy? Here's a brief overview of what you'll find in this eBook by ATD:

  • Using Science to Advance Learning
  • Charting a Journey for Self-Directed Learning
  • Orienting Your Self-Directed Learning Experience
  • Wayfinding: Developing Your Roadmap
  • Journeying: Putting Your Plan Into Action
  • Summary, Takeaways, and Reflecting for Action

How To Get Your Copy

Download the eBook Making A Performance Impact: Leveraging Self-Directed Learning to create better SDL environments where learners can thrive and continually develop their talents. You'll also discover how self-directed learning can achieve your business objectives and elevate employee wellness across the board.