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Digital Marketing Executive Consultant
I'm a life-long marketing learner with over 20 years of experience in Marketing, eCommerce, and Creative Direction, so it's a great fit for me as Digital Marketing Executive Consultant for eLearning Industry, Inc.
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April 20, 2022

Are Link Building Services Reliable? 7 Things To Look Out For

There is a plethora of reliable link building services out there for every industry. However, finding the right one for your business can be tricky. In this article, we provide you with a checklist to help you get the results you want and avoid pitfalls along the way.
March 30, 2022

How Marketing Funnels Work: A Step-By-Step Guide To Create One

Creating marketing funnels with low conversion rates isn’t a very wise strategy. After years of researching and testing, we understand how marketing funnels work and can leverage them to guide prospects to take certain actions. Read more and learn how to implement them in your strategy!
March 16, 2022

3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Strategy Performance With User Personas

We all love fictional characters, right? What if I told you that you can leverage fictional characters, also known as user personas, to drive more targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions? Let's explore the importance of user personas and how to leverage them to improve your SEO results.