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Stephanie Ivec is your source for e-Learning news & tips. You’ll spot her here, on the Lectora eLearning Blog, and LearningSolutionsMag. She believes in engaging learners and making enjoyable, effective online training. A design/advertising grad from Creighton University, Stephanie loves well-designed eLearning with great content. When not writing about eLearning, Stephanie can be found baking.
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August 27, 2015

5 Things You Can Learn From Taylor Swift About eLearning

Taylor Swift is taking over the world. That’s my prediction anyway. Her accomplishments go far beyond just music, although her many awards there -including 7 Grammy Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards, and 8 Academy of Country Music awards- reveal her talent. In 2015 she was the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. Here are a few things you can learn from her and apply them to your eLearning development.
August 13, 2015

Why Your Company Will Fail Without A Learning Culture

What keeps top performers at your company? Is it a pinball machine, free lunch, or a skateboard ramp? Surprisingly, research shows that while those perks are nice, they’re not the top indicators of a highly desirable workplace. What your employees actually want is a strong learning culture and a robust set of learning offerings.
July 30, 2015

Engage Your Learners with Digital Storytelling

“What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the word, hummingbird? Have you heard about Hugo and Kim?” These lyrics from the classic musical Bye Bye Birdie reflect our natural desire for stories and news. Storytelling itself is an age-old art form, but digital storytelling… now that’s big business today. Incorporating digital storytelling into your eLearning content can help you increase learner engagement.
July 16, 2015

Employee Engagement Versus Employee Energy

I read a really interesting article recently from Chief Learning Officer (CLO) about minions. You know, those little yellow guys with the weird overalls and obnoxious, yet cute laughs. Even if you don’t have children, you can’t get away from advertisements featuring these minions. They are everywhere—on billboards, in television commercials, on t-shirts, and in CLO articles. So why is a respected learning organization like CLO writing about an animated children’s movie character? It’s all in the name of engagement.
July 2, 2015

eLearning 101: Getting Started With Online Training

When I first started working at Trivantis, I had the hardest time explaining to my friends and family exactly what an “eLearning authoring tool” was. Most of the time I settled on “You know when you have to sit at a computer and take a course that tells you not to sexually harass your coworkers? That’s eLearning.” Everybody gets that, and everyone laughs. I’m so funny, right? (No.) But there’s so much more to eLearning, or online training, or virtual learning, or mLearning, as people are starting to call it these days.
June 19, 2015

Desktop Versus Mobile Learning

Who would win in an eLearning cage fight—the bigger, older, and experienced desktop computer or the young, light on its feet mobile device? A similar scenario played out in a recent Game of Thrones episode. The characters were debating the outcome of a fight between a hulking warrior and his scrawny opponent. The end result of the battle surprised a few characters and pleased a few others. Similarly, the quick rise of mobile learning may have surprised some and left us asking….
June 4, 2015

Before The Build: Working With Subject Matter Experts and Asking the Right Questions

Want your eLearning course to be successful? Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Unless you live in the middle of the ocean or on a space station, you’ve probably driven past at least a few Ford vehicles today, so I’d say Henry Ford knows a little something about success! However, sometimes working together is easier said than done. From difficult Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to cranky coworkers, there can be challenges when you’re working with a group. That’s why it’s important to set a good foundation for collaboration and review before you even begin building your course.
May 22, 2015

Level Up With eLearning Games

Games are everywhere. You may consider yourself a serious, down-to-earth person, but I bet you’ve been exposed to a game recently—maybe without even realizing it. Does your car have one of those fancy dashboard systems that tells you when you’re driving fuel efficiently, or how your current gas mileage is compared to the last trip you took? Do you try to beat your previous gas mileage each time you drive somewhere? That’s a game! In a way, your car is training you to drive more fuel efficiently. The machines really are taking over…