Is Microlearning The Secret To Success?

Microlearning: The Secret To Success

Microlearning is being hailed in Learning and Development (L&D) circles as the successor to traditional eLearning, owing to the amazing results it has provided corporate organizations that have implemented it, as well as the acceptance it has received from modern learners. The reason behind microlearning being the heir apparent to eLearning is the fact that we live in the "Internet Age," where information is available aplenty.

Due to this abundance of information, learners suffer from a phenomenon known as "information overload." Information overload confuses modern individuals, causing difficulty in understanding the subject at hand and in effectively making decisions, due to the excessive quantity of information that an individual’s brain cannot process.

Because microlearning provides short, concentrated, and engaging content to learners directly on their smartphones, it solves the problem of information overload, thus making it the most effective digital learning approach for the modern learner. There are a number of other reasons why microlearning is the secret to helping an organization thrive in modern times, which will be discussed in this article.

1. It Is Designed To Be Engaging

Microlearning is one of the first wholly learner-centric learning approaches designed to hold a learner’s attention by keeping them engaged. To do that, it uses a number of learning strategies, primarily including:

Video-Based Learning

Video is the most dominant form of content on the internet today, with almost 80% of internet traffic consisting primarily of videos. As a result, it is the form of content modern learners prefer. Using video-based learning in microlearning not only engages learners but also minimizes the content’s cognitive load.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is absolutely necessary for effective microlearning, as it allows the modern learner to learn on the fly, wherever they want, whenever they want. Because modern individuals are already accustomed to consuming small pieces of content on the web as well as on mobile apps on their smartphones, mobile-first microlearning content engages them.


Microlearning modules nowadays use gamification to engage learners. Gamified microlearning modules have elements you would usually find in a game, including points, levels, badges, achievements, challenges, obstacles as well as rewards, which engage modern learners who are used to playing games on their smartphones.

2. It Aids Retention And Transfer Of Information

In order to boost employee performance, and thus help a company thrive and grow, it is important that digital learning aids and augments the retention and transfer of the information being delivered to learners. Microlearning uses a number of learning techniques that help information stick to the learners' brains, thus helping them retain information for a long time. These techniques include:

Spaced Repetition

Microlearning modules are at most 5 minutes long. When the same modules delivered to learners in a set frequency, say once after a week of taking the module for the first time, then again after 15 days, and then after a month, the content is retained much better. This is called spaced repetition.


Microlearning, as mentioned before, uses a number of strategies, formats, and contexts to help a learner retain information. When learning occurs in such a fashion, it becomes easy for the learner to recall it when they need it in the moment of application.


It is found that "mixing" or interleaving microlearning modules pertaining to multiple related skills instead of focusing linearly on one skill at a time increases learning effectiveness and helps learners retain information much better.

Thus, microlearning is an equal parts combination of learner-centricity as well as learning science, which is what makes it such an effective digital learning methodology for the modern learner. A learner/employee who has all the relevant information and skills available to them at the tap of their smartphones is an empowered individual who works smart and gets things done efficiently.

Using microlearning, corporate organizations can turn every single one of their employees into such empowered individuals, which in turn boosts productivity and helps them grow. Just remember to leave no stones unturned in order to provide your employees with the best microlearning experience you can. An investment in research and resources now will pay off manifold in the future. The choice is yours.

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