Microlearning In Action - Tips, Techniques, And Examples On How To Use It To Drive Employee Performance

Microlearning-based training has become an important strategy for L&D teams. However, there is more to it than its ability to address the challenge of dwindling attention spans. My eBook, "Microlearning in Action–Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance," is designed to help you understand its strengths and how you can use it to offset several challenges that L&D teams face today. I provide pointers on how you can use it (for both formal and informal learning) to drive employee performance.

eBook Release: Microlearning In Action
eBook Release
Microlearning In Action
Discover how you can leverage microlearning to enhance the impact of your corporate training.

How Will The eBook Help You?

There are 3 crucial elements that training must have so that you can achieve employee engagement and performance gain. These are:

  1. Training must be sharp, focused, and aligned to a specific need.
  2. It must be easy to understand and internalize.
  3. It must be packaged in a way that it can be easily applied on the job.

Microlearning-based training provides a highly effective approach to help you meet all these 3 goals. This training will clearly demonstrate better learner engagement and will drive higher performance. While the primary trigger for the adoption of microlearning was the need to meet the challenge of diminishing attention spans, this is not the only factor in its favor. Microlearning provides value to both learners and businesses.

  • Learners love it, as they want training that is short and focused; it helps them achieve a specific gain, and it can be consumed “on the go.” It also enables them to block short periods of time every day and achieve a specific learning outcome. They can use microlearning-based nuggets to learn, practice, and acquire new skills without having to block large chunks of time.
  • L&D teams find value in microlearning, and use it to enhance employee performance because it resonates better with their learners, leading to better completion rates and each learning bite can help them achieve a specific outcome.

In this eBook, I outline how you can practically adopt microlearning to drive employee performance. Do join me for the webinar on the same topic: "Microlearning in Action - Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance." Co-hosted by eLearning Industry, you can join the webinar on the same topic on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at 11 AM, EDT. Loaded with examples and live demos, this webinar will surely provide ideas that you can definitely use for your varied training needs.

Table Of Contents Of The eBook

The eBook is divided into 3 sections, and I use a Q&A based approach to walk you through the basics of the potential and application of microlearning. The key questions that I address are:

  1. What is microlearning?
  2. What is not microlearning?
  3. What are the benefits of microlearning?
  4. Does the wider adoption of microlearning mean the demise of macro learning or traditional eLearning?
  5. How can microlearning offset modern L&D challenges?
  6. How can you put microlearning into action and drive performance?
  7. How can you determine if microlearning will work?
  8. What are the microlearning trends you should watch out for and adopt?

Section 1: Microlearning Fundamentals

This section provides the microlearning basics—from its definition and benefits to crucial ones like macro learning vs. microlearning and where exactly does the future lie.

Section 2: Using Microlearning Based Training To Drive Employee Performance

This section outlines how you can use microlearning to address 3 key challenges that L&D teams face today. However, not all training is amenable to microlearning, so how do you determine if microlearning is right for you? This section provides a checklist you can use to determine this. It also provides pointers on what kinds of corporate training can be addressed through microlearning.

More specifically, it also outlines when microlearning does not work.

Section 3: Microlearning In Action

This is my favorite section, and it is where I first outline the top 10 microlearning trends. Then, I share 10 examples that illustrate how you can leverage each of the microlearning trends to step up the impact of your current training and drive employee performance. The featured tips and techniques provide practical insights that you can use.

The Impact

Do download my eBook: Microlearning in Action - Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance. You can use the eBook as a guide for integrating microlearning-based training across your varied corporate training needs.

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