The Significance Of Mobile Learning Apps In The Competitive Market Today

The Significance Of Mobile Learning Apps In The Competitive Market Today
Summary: Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of our life. Did you know that they are also helpful in education? Read on.

Mobile Learning Apps: How Important Are They Today?

Today, the world has transformed into a digital world, and you can find almost everything on the web. With the emerging and increasing technologies, the lifestyle has become tech-oriented. It means that our routine life has inter-woven with different technologies. For example, we all use smartphones and have a variety of applications that help us meet our specific requirements with just one click.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lifestyles, and we rely on them for most of our activities. From finding things on the internet to connecting with anyone around the globe, smartphones serve a broad array of purposes. As a result, learning has become easier, faster, more convenient and more comfortable with your mobile phones. Yes, you read that right.

Earlier, we know that we could learn things or pursue specific courses in the defined classrooms and had hard copies of books for the same, along with a physical blackboard and a teacher/tutor. The rise of smartphones and emerging technologies have changed the perception of education and learning.

As a result, if you want to learn anything, say, for example, a programming language or pursue a course, then you can do it from your place at any point in time. It is because tech experts have come up with a wide range of learning apps that can facilitate users to achieve their career or business goals just by downloading the relevant app on their mobile phones.

As we discussed, experts have come up with a vast range of mobile learning apps for helping people grow their businesses, students pursue their dream career courses, and a lot more.

Let us take a look at these varieties of mobile learning apps that can guide you achieve your desired goals.

Primarily, these apps can be categorized into educational apps, hobby apps, skill building apps, and workplace apps.

Education Applications

Education learning apps range from K-12 classrooms. Students have a wonderful opportunity to learn things from within their educational courses and beyond through different apps. Today, learning and teaching have grown beyond physical classrooms and schools. Teachers and students have come on a common platform of applications to educate and learn respectively.

A lot of education apps have emerged to help students to educate themselves on particular academic topics and subjects. Some of the examples of these apps are Edx, Daily Rounds, Khan Academy, and more.

Applications For Workplace Learning

There are thousands of applications available for people from various fields, be it a student, a teacher, a business owner, or an employee. Talking about organizations, they conduct various significant training programs for their employees to help them increase their productivity, learn about the work pattern in their respective fields, enhance their growth and development for the betterment of the organization, and more. Business owners deploy these relevant apps into their firms to help their employees learn the relevant information to bring smooth and efficient functioning.


  • Educating employees at their convenience
  • Help them refresh their training quickly
  • Offer a quick update on the upcoming changes

The most common areas using applications for providing training may include sales, finance, operations, and IT teams. Examples of workplace applications include Google Primer, Udemy, Evernote, Lynda, and more.

Applications For Hobbies

People are passionate about a variety of things, and they have an urge to learn and pursue them. To help them accomplish their dreams, experts have come up with relevant applications. Yes, you read that right. Now, if you want to learn about or pursue your dream hobby, then you simply need to download a relevant app on your smartphone.

For example, you can learn to dance, sing, paint, cook, and more with only a click on your mobile app. Some examples of these applications may include Amazon Kindle, Sketch Book-draw and paint, Pocket Salsa, and more. These apps are designed to offer users the step-by-step learning process with relevant videos that can help them have a better understanding of the subject. These apps are becoming popular day-by-day, and you will find a new one added to the Play store on a daily basis or at regular intervals.

Skill Building Apps

People have different skills in their respective fields, and they implement them to achieve their targeted goals and success. Moreover, these skills also depend on the area of one's interest, and they may find it passionate to develop it and progress in the respective field.

For example, a software developer having experience in mobile app development services may be keen on learning new technologies that may guide them in their field. Therefore, they can learn from the relevant application and add a feather to their hat by developing a new skill.

Some of the common fields where a user might want to use these apps may include learning a new program, new software, a new language, communication skills, trading skills, and more.

A Few Examples Of Skill-Building Applications May Include

  • Learn Python
  • Space Nation Navigation
  • Duolingo
  • Programming Hub
  • LinkedIn Learning

Mobile applications are significant for every kind of user, be it a student, a teacher, a business owner, a software developer, an employee or a layman. Today, a lot of business organizations adopt a variety of mobile apps to enhance the growth and success of their enterprise.

Let us take a brief understanding of a few of these mobile learning apps useful for businesses.


WordPress is an excellent source of eLearning content. With the option of a smartphone, you get an added benefit of learning. It offers a vast range of options of learning things that you can use to develop your business and open new ways to implement technologies to reap the benefits of the continuously growing market. A mobile version of an app offers everything that a desktop version does, which is writing, editing, commenting, posting, stats, and reporting.

Skill Pill

Today, you get options of iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones, which allow the Skill Pill app to offer bite-sized training videos. You can make these videos available to your learners who can get training for customer service, management, sales, and marketing. You can mix and match these courses to make a customized course for your specific workers/employees to help them get training in relevant areas.

Other mobile applications that can be useful for business owners may include Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, Moodle Mobile,, and more.


In this competitive market, it is critical to keep one's self updated with emerging technologies and trends. Different mobile learning applications can help you achieve your desired goals at your convenience and comfort with no extra cost. Therefore, do not waste a moment in deciding where you will get your relevant education and training. Simply download the relevant app now on your mobile phone and dive into the learning process.