Top Mobile Learning Platforms In 2020 (New List)

Best Mobile Learning Management Solutions

Are you looking for the best LMS for mobile learning? Well, you've landed at the right top list! Our fast-paced work life requires a learning method that follows the same speed. Thus, providing employees and students with Just-In-Time training is a must, especially when remote working is on the rise.

The importance of mobile learning right now is undeniable. Not only does it make learning flexible and accessible, but it also makes it available Just-In-Time.

Microlearning courses go hand in hand with this approach. So, you get to deliver bites of content, which can be quickly accessed by your teams. For example, you can empower learners to learn a skill on the job. Or, you may want to help them improve soft skills, like how to better interact with customers.

Above all, such bite-sized mLearning courses will bring higher engagement while they'll also increase completion rates for your programs. Frankly, the possibilities are endless.

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In this hand-picked list, our experts have selected the best Learning Management Systems for mobile learning. In case you need an LMS for another use case, you may visit our detailed LMS directory. Or, you can simply take a look at eLearning Industry's most profound top lists!

Which Criteria Helped Us Identify The Top Mobile Learning Systems For 2020?

Global recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the top employee training LMS software based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

After checking our top list rankings, make sure to read our insights thoroughly. You'll find all you need to consider before choosing the best mobile learning tool.

Here's eLearning Industry's Top Mobile Learning Platforms List For 2020

Top Mobile Learning Platforms In 2020 (New List)

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1. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Are you looking for a tool with which you can train employees, customers, and partners effectively? With Adobe's NextGen LMS, you can deliver an enhanced and enjoyable learning experience for your learners.

In fact, L&D pros and training managers can use this tool to reduce skill gaps. How? By managing a learner ecosystem that keeps users engaged and compliant. Above all, you get to leverage an ecosystem that is continuously updated.

Namely, you can use it to deliver learning anywhere, anytime on any device. Thus, allowing consumption even in offline modes as well.

In particular, you can experience a world-class enterprise LMS. One that has been recognized by industry bodies and leading analysts. You can also leverage its excellence in multiple categories. Above all, you get to utilize a platform that has gained a vast collection of awards!

Finally, it's no wonder that leading corporations worldwide already use this tool to train millions of engaged learners. You could be one of them too. Want to learn more about what makes it one of the top mobile learning platforms? Read Adobe Captivate Prime LMS reviews in our directory.

If you need to take a closer look and test it yourself, make sure to request a demo.


Indeed, the Captivate Prime LMS by Adobe is a tool that helps you deliver training at the point of need. Besides, it provides access across devices for your employees, sales, and customer-facing teams. Hence, maximizing productivity and engagement on all levels, even on the go.

  • Mobile learning
    Allow learners to stream learning content even when they are offline. From within the Captivate Prime app on their smartphones, they get access to their learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Offline learning
    Empower learners to continue learning even when they are not connected online. The Adobe Captivate Prime app downloads learning content. Thus, making it available for offline access. What's more, it auto-syncs with the server when the learner is back online.
  • Push notifications and announcements
    For example, you can keep learners informed about upcoming courses and session details. Plus, they can also get notifications about upcoming and missed deadlines. Also, the tool can prompt them about a certification expiration using push notifications on the native app.

Plans And Pricing

  • Registered user pricing
    By choosing this licensing model, you sign up for an account with a fixed number of registered learners. Consequently, you can assign these licenses to individuals in your workforce, enabling them to have continuous access to the platform. Thus, we recommend this model for fixed learner scenarios.
  • Monthly active user pricing
    Adobe Captivate Prime also offers active user pricing. More precisely, this option is better for organizations which have a floating audience. Meaning, it is ideal for teams that don't need continuous access to the system.

For more details, you can always contact Adobe with your requirements.

2. Docebo

Mobile devices have completely changed the way humans consume content. And, this is no different in the learning space. Almost two-thirds of learners say accessing a mobile device's training content is essential to a strong learning experience. That goes for whether they're online or offline.

Mobile learning is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. Docebo's native mobile learning application (Go.Learn) and its Mobile App Publisher get the right information to your people. Extra fees apply for the latter.

What's more, they do so when they need it most. Thus, providing a frictionless and uninterrupted learning experience. Now, your learners have a place to create and upload content of their own. Interested to learn more about what makes them one of the top mobile learning platforms? Visit our directory to explore user reviews for Docebo.

Want to make mobile learning your own with Docebo? Simply connect with an expert today.


  • Learning, uninterrupted
    Docebo offers a frictionless, uninterrupted experience for your learners. Content is accessible online and offline. Actually, the completion of data syncs when the device comes back online. Users can enroll in eLearning courses or register for and attend webinar sessions. Plus, you'll enjoy User-Generated Content, and you can also consume externally curated content.
  • Accelerate knowledge exchange
    Learners can create instructional videos shot on their mobile devices. Thus, this alleviates content creation pressures on administrators and content creators. At the same time, it accelerates knowledge exchange among your people. Make sure to download their ebook on embracing the mobile future. You'll learn all about aligning L&D with the rise of enterprise mobility in corporate eLearning.
  • Your mobile learning experience is as easy as drag-and-drop
    This tool allows for seamless creation, highly-configured, and consistent learning experiences across multiple devices. Plus, you can use drag-and-drop widgets to build pages, along with customized menus for each audience. Of course, you can do so across your desktop and mobile environments.
  • Maximize brand identity, make mobile learning your own
    Use the Docebo Mobile App Publisher to build your company's own mobile learning app(s). Based on the award-winning Go.Learn app structure, the app lives in the Apple or Google Play stores with your logo and branding. Hence, you can maximize brand identity and deliver a mobile learning experience that is truly yours.

Plans And Pricing

You can start your Docebo Enterprise plan at 300 monthly active users, paid annually. Docebo considers a learner active once they access learning content within a 30-day cycle, which means you only pay for those actively training.

The Go.Learn mobile learning app is free to download as part of your learning system (platform URL and unique login required) for iOS and Android mobile devices. The Docebo Mobile App Publisher is an additional fee (please contact them for more information).

3. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a training platform trusted by 70,000+ teams across the world. However, not everyone is necessarily tied to their desks during online training. With TalentLMS, you can deliver training to mobile devices so learners can take their courses wherever they are.

Do you need social proof on what makes them one of the top mobile learning platforms? Go ahead and take a look at the vast collection of TalentLMS reviews in our directory. Are you ready to put this learning experience to the test? You can get started with your forever-free TalentLMS account today and get up and running in minutes.


TalentLMS's native mobile app for iOS and Android guarantees that learning doesn't have to stop. Even when your people are on the go, they can keep learning. Learners can access their training no matter where they are, from any device, at any time. And admins can build bite-sized courses for maximum engagement.

Let's explore the most significant TalentLMS mobile learning features:

  • Your people get access from anywhere
    Whether it's in-between meetings, during the lunch break, or while commuting, learners can keep up with their training. They can log into their TalentLMS account from their mobile device and engage with your content. For example, they can watch a training video or complete a test. They can even connect with their peers and/or instructors.
  • Mobile training without the need for network stability
    No one learns at the same pace, and TalentLMS makes sure that no one is forced to. Through its mobile app, learners can download content for offline use. Afterward, their progress syncs when they're back online. They can also switch between devices and pick up where they left off without starting a course over.
  • A rich, mobile learning experience
    Just because training happens on a small screen doesn't mean it shouldn't or cannot go big. Designing courses in TalentLMS allows you to include all those extra elements. Thus, this tool helps you make learning more engaging and fun. The TalentLMS native mobile app ensures learners will never get lost in the transition from desktop to mobile. Plus, it makes sure that users won't lose a thing from their training experience. From gamification features to live chat, and from SCORM to video content, you can have it all.

Plans And Pricing

TalentLMS provides an entirely free version. Plus, users get eight paid editions. Those are priced competitively for businesses of varying budgets and sizes. More specifically, the free plan supports up to 5 users. Also, you get up to 10 courses. Thus, if you want to test all the software capabilities, this should be more than enough. Finally, users can also choose between standard or active plans (with unlimited registered users). Also, there is always the option of getting billed monthly or annually.

4. Tovuti

Tovuti is a cloud-based learning platform based out of Boise, Idaho. They believe eLearning should be accessible to all, whether you're on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. That is why the Tovuti LMS is fully mobile responsive. Also, it can provide your organization a fully branded and bespoke app, should you need it.

Plus, it gives you the ability to create and host engaging eLearning, all within one platform. And the best part—it all works on any device your learners choose to use! Are you curious to see why they are considered one of the top mobile learning platforms? Just pay a visit to our directory and read Tovuti user reviews.

Curious to learn what Tovuti package is right for you? Simply visit their website to see pricing details.


  • Build interactive lessons
    It comes with dozens of interactive modules that you can build out and include in your lessons. Modules include interactive videos, word find activities, quizzes, interactive presentations, and tons more. And, of course, everything works on mobile devices.
  • Microlearning
    Create lessons with individual bite-sized bursts of content that allow your users to learn even when they don't have a lot of time to spare.
  • Modern design
    Many learning platforms look dated and clunky and don't work well on mobile devices even when they say they do. Tovuti has a truly modern design that looks sharp on mobile devices. Thus, it allows your learners to navigate tasks easily without zooming in and out of their screens. It's UI is also completely white-labeled. So, you can make Tovuti look and feel on-brand for your organization.

Plans And Pricing

This tool can fit any organization, regardless of their budget. Its most affordable offering is Tovuti Core. By opting for this, you get a simple tool without a lot of bells and whistles. Thus, it is an excellent choice for organizations that just need a sleek, mobile-friendly learning platform.

For larger organizations that require a more all-encompassing learning experience, Tovuti Pro is right up their alley. Plus, it allows for monetization of the platform, SSO, SCORM integration, and much more.

5. Growth Engineering's Academy LMS

As research-backed learning experts, they want to meet their learners where they feel most comfortable and at home. When it comes to learning, accessibility, flexibility, and convenience should be the order of the day.

That's why all of their solutions (including The Academy LMS, The Knowledge Arcade, and Genie) have a mobile-focused outlook. The Academy LMS is fully responsive and thereby looks great and performs well, no matter which device you choose to access it with.

The Knowledge Arcade is their native mobile app solution that brings a mobile-first design to the learning experience. Accessing training content and the learning community on the go has never been easier.

And their authoring tool Genie provides content creators with the opportunity to create mobile responsive training units within minutes. If you want to see up close what makes them one of the top mobile learning platforms, go ahead and explore the Academy LMS reviews in our directory.

Sign up now to see their mobile app solution in action.


  • Fully responsive
    The Academy LMS looks great and performs well, regardless of which device you choose to access it with.
  • Mobile-first content
    Create mobile-first, responsive content by using their built-in authoring tool.
  • Native app
    The Knowledge Arcade is their native mobile app solution that brings a mobile-first design to the learning experience. You can also utilize your device's native functionality. Besides, it includes push notifications. Finally, it also offers the ability to download content and consume it offline.

Plans And Pricing

Various options are available and can be tailored to your needs. Besides, they are scalable. Hence, you can base your plan on the number of registered users that use your platform. What's more, their award-winning support is included as standard!

6. Code of Talent

This award-winning SaaS platform is ideal if you want to implement microlearning. By utilizing Code of Talent, you can help your workforce turn theory to practice.

Corporate managers and trainers can leverage this tool to design engaging microlearning journeys for their teams. Above all, you get to deliver 100% custom-built training programs in small chunks. What better way to help your employees learn fast and apply it even faster, right?

Besides, their experts will share with you the best microlearning tips. Thus, you'll manage to succeed in your remote workforce onboarding process stress-free! Care to learn more about them? All you have to do is visit eLearning Industry's directory and read the submitted reviews for Code of Talent.

If you want to design microlearning journeys that enable your learners to deliver, simply request a demo to learn more.


  • Social Learning
    If you want to leverage collaborative learning, this is an ideal platform. You'll get all the social interaction you need with an emphasis on knowledge sharing—peer-to-peer learning at its best.
  • Self-paced learning
    Code of Talent allows learning in the flow of work. Hence, through its mobile and multi-device app, users can learn at their own pace.
  • Instructor and/or manager assisted training
    If you want to accelerate learning and change through expert feedback and evaluation, this tool can cover your needs.
  • Gamification
    All of us strive to drive engagement and bring a sense of progress and achievement to our training programs. If you aim for maximum relevance and business impact, this tool get's the job done. Thankfully, internal trainers and managers have a multitude of learning missions available. Thus, they can utilize several gamification features when creating digital journeys for their teams.

Plans And Pricing

If you want to learn more about their pricing options, feel free to visit their website or talk with one of their experts.

7. Trainingworks by Executive Training Technologies

With Trainingworks LMS, you can optimize the design and layout of your system for mobile learning. For more information on what makes them one of the top mobile learning platforms, you can read Trainingworks reviews in our niche-directory.

Are you ready to take a closer look at this interactive training platform? Follow this link to learn more and get a free demo.


The team at Trainingworks has designed its platform for a mobile-first world.

  • Responsive web design
    All learning is done in the browser using responsive web design, so no need to manage and update apps.
  • Video playback with mobile optimization
    You'll enjoy watching video training material on this platform anytime, anywhere. Besides, its video playback optimization for mobile makes taking video-based courses a bliss.
  • Quizzes and interactivity via mobile and desktop access
    More specifically, users can take quizzes and have interactivity through mobile and desktop access. Thus, it does not matter where you are or what device you are on, you still get the same learning experience.

Plans And Pricing

Above all, users can leverage their flat-rate pricing, which includes mobile learning. No extra costs, no additional set up, it is all included!

8. Effectus LMS

CommLab India delivers mobile learning solutions to help organizations train their employees on their preferred devices. Effectus LMS is one of them. Given the increasing popularity of mobile learning, they understand the importance of making mobile learning genuinely portable. And that’s why they offer Effectus, a mobile-compatible Learning Management System that can track offline learning activities.

Effectus is available as an app that lets learners access learning resources on the go. Even if when they have no internet connection, they can keep learning. The experts at CommLab have designed Effectus specifically for learning professionals. Thus, it is ideal for flexible and rapid customization, while it also combines speed with value for money. Above all, you get a tool you can use with ease!

Need more proof on what makes them one of the top mobile learning platforms? Read Effectus LMS reviews to discover how other users have experienced the software.

Why not take a closer look at what working with this LMS looks and feels like? Simply click the link to start your Effectus Free Trial!


  • Experience a user-friendly platform
    Effectus is a modern LMS that caters to the learning preferences of today's learners. Hence, it offers simple, intuitive navigation and gamification features. What's more, you can set it up to leverage personalized dashboards. Also, it gives learners the flexibility to add/remove widgets, leaderboards, badges, training calendars, and more. Besides, it offers easy configuration. Moreover, training managers can measure training effectiveness and take actionable insights. Finally, trainers will love the variety of custom reports it provides.
  • Facilitate mobile learning
    Effectus is compliant with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI/Tin Can API, and can track offline learning activities. Plus, it is mobile-compatible and also available as an app. Plus, you can integrate it with external platforms such as WebEx and Zoom for virtual classroom training. It is the perfect hub to host, track, manage, measure, and coordinate your learning programs. Last but not least, it supports blended learning!
  • Train multiple user groups
    Organizations like yours can use Effectus as a primary LMS. Leveraging its lean setup and rapid deployment features are what you'll like most. Plus, you can use it to train specific internal employee groups and external partners. You can also train customers and vendors. With this tool, offering a gamified experience to new hires is easy. For example, users can create leaderboards to tap into the competitive spirit of sales reps. Besides, you can even enable eCommerce for your learning resources. Effectus can be used effectively by training organizations and companies of all sizes. You can implement it for employee training, customer training, onboarding, and more. Indeed, it's one of those tools that cover many training needs.

Plans And Pricing

Effectus offers learners a truly mobile learning experience by helping them access resources even when they are offline. Scores and progress are updated once the connection is restored. The subscription fee starts at USD 2,500 for up to 250 users. Also, the monthly rental starts at USD 450 for up to 250 users.

However, LMS admin support is optional. Thus, they offer it as a separate contract. Please note that the price depends on the number of support hours required per month. Hence, the admin support cost starts at USD 550 per month for 250 users.

9. eLearning Brothers

eLearning Brothers is one of the leaders in corporate learning technology. Namely, they are known for their custom course development solutions. The mobile-friendly LMS, KnowledgeLink, is one of them. Hence, it's an ideal platform for experiential learning management (LMS/LXP).

Their suite of integrated training development and delivery tools also includes Lectora for eLearning authoring and CenarioVR for immersive learning. All of the above will prove useful to aspiring learning developers like yourself.

Besides, you can leverage their professionally-designed responsive eLearning templates and assets. Additionally, you can benefit from creating mobile-friendly games and using their game templates. Plus, you'll get a special treat: their off-the-shelf microlearning courses!

That's all you need to bring outstanding outcomes to your training programs. eLearning Brothers truly helps everyone create and deliver eLearning that rocks. Can't wait to learn more about working with one of the top mobile learning platforms? Make sure to explore user reviews for eLearning Brothers in our directory.

Why not check for yourself if this is indeed the rockstar LMS platform you're looking for? Go ahead and start your free trial!


Their team has designed an LMS with the modern, on-the-go learner in mind. Thus, this mobile-friendly platform is easy to use and enables organizations to deliver all types of content. For example, you can create traditional courses, short videos, and more.

  • Mobile-friendly
    KnowledgeLink LMS adjusts to tablets and phones' sizes so learners can view content on their chosen device, whether they're at their desk or not.
  • Video-friendly
    Upload .mp4 and .mov video files and build these into learning paths for your employees. Video content is easily digestible on mobile devices and more engaging than text. You can also create time-stamped comments on videos. This helps you reemphasize key points in your videos and increase user engagement. Users also get full-screen playback, SD/HD option, speed control, bookmarking, and Up Next auto-play. Plus, you can pair it with functionalities like inline commenting, Call-To-Action buttons, and one-click sharing. Finally, you can leverage enrollments and deliver a User Experience rarely seen in standard LMS platforms.
  • User-friendly
    Their intuitive User Interface boasts powerful search capabilities and a personalized dashboard. Users can find content their way—launch content directly from the Enrolled and New & Featured dashboards. Also, they can browse with traditional navigation. Plus, they can also use their search engine to find courses and sessions. For example, searches can relate to titles, descriptions, and tags according to their interests.

Plans And Pricing

With more employees going remote, training has had to become more flexible and mobile. KnowledgeLink makes it easy and affordable to deliver mobile learning. They offer plans priced per user. Additionally, they offer several content bundles that make it easy to immediately roll out corporate learning. Their LMS content bundles include KnowledgeLink LMS, your choice of off-the-shelf courses, and access to authoring tools and templates.

10. Netex learningCloud

Do you want to give learners the right content at the right time? All you have to do is use learningCloud’s state-of-the-art mobile app. Leverage this tool to empower your learners to learn on the go. Give them anytime and anywhere access, and be a resource when they need it most.

Want to explore first hand what makes this LMS one of the top mobile learning platforms? Don't forget to read the user reviews for learningCloud in our directory. Or you can simply visit their website for more info.


  • Gamified
    Add a touch of gamification to Sprints through game dynamics that will increase your employees' motivation and engagement. For instance, you can create and assign badges to courses. That will help distinguish users and recognize their efforts. Also, you get to decide if you want to allow users to share them on social networks. What's more, you get to display the leaderboard individually or by group. In this way, you can increase competition between groups but also boost collaboration within the group. Lastly, you can assign experience levels. Users will acquire them as they interact with the platform.
  • Microlearning
    This platform offers you the tools to create multi-device content. It empowers you to distribute training chunks easily and quickly. Plus, your programs can have a single objective orientation. Also, you can enrich your videos by adding interactivity. You can use your own or external videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or even add an interaction layer to reinforce the message. Plus, you can create interactive activities or import external activities by combining any format (images, text, quizzes, videos, podcasts). Besides, you can group activities in Sprints for quick distribution. Namely, users consume the Sprints and enjoy a spectacular User Experience that is similar to platforms like Netflix.
  • Content curation
    learningCloud allows you to create user-generated playlists. Above all, it empowers you to add value to the experts in your organization. How? By making their knowledge flow throughout the company.

Plans And Pricing

  • 100 active users > 5.35 EUR/user/month
  • 250 active users > 3.54 EUR/user/month
  • 500 active users > 2.20 EUR/user/month
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Tips After Checking Out Our Top Mobile Learning Platforms List

So, now that you know the best mobile learning platforms of 2020, what's next? First off, you have to set your objectives straight. Indeed, choosing a top-class mobile learning app to get the job done is key, but you have to get your whole team in the game. Thus, it's best to talk with your stakeholders and analyze your training gaps to identify crucial areas you need to focus on.

Your team can help you understand which features are a must. They can also guide you to discover exciting ways you can incorporate microlearning into your mobile training. Plus, they might notice something you haven't. Or maybe, they can help you identify the tool with the best User Experience.

Always think of your learners first. Their requirements and tech-savviness will help shorten your top contenders. You can then take some free trials or schedule product demos to see how the UI looks.

Who Can Benefit From A Mobile Learning Management System?

Mobile technology is a natural extension of everything we do. Thus, it can become a convenient way to deliver training that is fresh and fun. Don't miss the opportunity to exceed your learners' expectations.

From educational institutions to worldwide organizations and pioneers in several industries, everyone can gain from mobile learning. For instance, you might have noticed a lack of interest from learners in your training programs. Here's where mobile learning comes into play. Platforms that empower teams to learn at their own pace (on any device) will surely boost engagement.

You need to figure out the role of mobile learning in your training strategy and then make it have a purpose. You can consider your top priorities and take stock of current materials. Don't forget to assess and develop your content as you go regularly.

Generally, your mobile program should be complementary to other methods instead of replacing eLearning and classroom learning. So, make sure to understand how mobile fits into the employees' learning cycle in your company.

Ideal For Millennials And Gen Z Learners

So, the number one question you need to answer is: What do you want to accomplish with a mobile learning program? You can use it to create polls or quiz learners in real time, even in class. Also, a mobile LMS can be ideal for compliance-related lessons. Besides, millennials and Gen Z learners will thank you for incorporating it in your training programs. After all, they have grown up with access to technology and information at their fingertips. Thus, it's the best way to improve engagement and learning retention among such teams.

Lastly, please do yourself a favor and pick a tool aligned with your budget and your business needs. Mobile learning doesn't need to cost a fortune to be effective.

Shout Out To LMS vendors

If you want to be considered for our next year's list of mobile learning platforms, simply add your LMS product listing now.

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