Mobile Learning Technologies On The Rise, But Is Learning And Development Ready?

Mobile Learning Technologies On The Rise, But Is Learning And Development Ready?
Summary: According to the 2015 CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development) annual report, three out of four organizations are now using learning technologies. Especially mobile learning technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent inside most organizations.

Is Learning And Development Ready For Mobile Learning Technologies?  

Among the most popular forms of learning technology, mobile learning technologies are expected to make the greatest impact on trainers and peers.

Over the next five years, mobile learning is expected to account for 57% of all learning technologies. Virtual classrooms and social media are also expected to increase in use, while webinars are anticipated to have the least impact on learning technologies.

Why the move to mobile? Convenience and flexibility. Mobile learning offers learners the ability to access training on demand. Gone are the days of allocating long days to training. The modern learner is now accessing training in between tasks, on breaks, or going to and from work, directly on their mobile device.

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Trainers Lack Confidence In Their Ability To Use Mobile Learning Technologies

As new technologies become available, there are growing concerns surrounding Learning and Development’s ability to use them confidently.


Based on the above statistics, only 24% of all respondents said they were “extremely confident” or “very confident” in their ability to use learning technologies.

For new technologies to be embraced by Learning and Development, there needs to be a greater focus on educating the trainers themselves. The 2015 CIPD annual report states that trainers want “simple terminology” and “bite sized introductions to what is currently available”. This indicates that many Learning and Development professionals are willing to learn but are finding it difficult to overcome the initial learning curve.

How To Increase Confidence In Mobile Learning Technologies

Not sure how to increase the use of mobile learning technologies inside your organization? According to the CIPD report, providing more readily available courses, hands-on experience, and mentoring will all greatly boost your team’s confidence in adopting new learning technologies. With more support from IT colleagues, Learning and Development professionals will be able to overcome the technical aspects of emerging technologies, encouraging them to implement these tools in their existing face-to-face sessions.

Perhaps the easiest way to overcome these roadblocks is to choose simple and easy-to-use technologies. For example, instead of using complex and slow authoring tools that might take weeks of training to master, consider using simple and fast authoring tools that can be mastered in 2-3 hours. Features like point-and-edit, prebuilt themes and modules, and automatic responsive design will help new trainers create user-friendly online learning without unnecessary technical challenges.

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