10 Must-Have Online Training Job Aids For Your Customer Service Staff

10 Must-Have Online Training Job Aids For Your Customer Service Staff
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Summary: Stellar customer service leads to customer loyalty, increased profits, and a better brand image. In this article, I'll share 10 must-have online training job aids for your customer service staff.

10 Online Training Job Aids To Provide To Your Customer Service Staff

Customer service associates are the public face of your organization. They interact with consumers every day and ensure that they receive the best possible customer service care. Are you giving your customer service staff the support they need and deserve, though? Do you have online training job aids they can access on the spot? Here are 10 online training job aids that are ideally suited for your customer service staff.

1. Problem-Solving Scenarios

Customer service employees usually encounter complaints and questions on a daily basis. After all, it's their job to ensure that customers receive the best possible customer service experience. Problem-solving scenarios allow them to build communication and conflict resolution skills so that they can quell customer concerns. They're able to test out different decision-making paths to see which one leads to the desired outcome, thereby learning from their mistakes.

2. Visual Online Training Tutorials

As a general rule, customers don't have time to waste. They don't want to wait around while a customer service associate tries to operate the POS terminal or struggles to complete each step of the return process. Thankfully, you can offer them visual online training tutorials so that they can quickly remedy performance issues. For example, infographics that feature every stage of the task in pictures and brief captions.

3. Customer Service Persona Online Training Simulations

Employees come into contact with a variety of personalities and problems during the course of their work duties. Online training simulations that feature customer personas expose them to real-world situations and relatable behaviors. For example, the customer that doesn’t seem to be happy with any solution you provide. Your customer service staff is able to see how they perform under fire and improve their interpersonal skills. They can also try out different approaches to see which is best for each customer type.

4. Superior Customer Service Case Studies

Give your customer service staff an example to follow by creating superior customer service case studies or real-world examples. These online training job aids offer bite-sized tips, facts, and stats that can help them achieve their potential. For example, a story about a disgruntled customer who is won over by a customer service associate with keen observation and active listening skills.

5. Employee-Hosted Podcasts

Let customer service staff show off their expertise and share valuable tips with their co-workers. Employee-hosted podcasts give them the opportunity to improve their own understanding of the topic. For example, they discover new ways to approach the task while doing their research for the podcast. Furthermore, they retain the information more effectively because they must review and recap the core ideas while writing the script. Then you can compile all of the podcasts in your microlearning online training library for the benefit of all customer service employees.

6. Compliance Infographics

Infographics are versatile online training job aids that combine visuals and text, which makes them ideal for complex compliance topics or tasks. For example, dress code manuals that could benefit from realistic images and practical tips, or a step-by-step overview of how to clean up a hazardous spill. This also gives your customer service staff the chance to fill in for other employees. For example, ensure the safety of customers and employees in the event of an emergency when their manager is in a meeting.

7. Skill Self-Assessments

Every member of your customer service team should have the power to test their own performance and progress. Skill-based self-assessments allow them to assess their talents and identify strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, they are able to take charge of their own professional development without having to keep up with their co-workers. They can focus on their own needs and goals autonomously.

8. "Worst-Case Scenario" Serious Games

Most of us have played this game with ourselves at one time or another. We try to think of the worst possible thing that can happen, then gauge how we would handle the situation. Are we going to buckle under stress? Or can we rise to the occasion and use our abilities to surmount the obstacle? "Worst-case scenario" serious games help customer service staff test their own reactions to seemingly impossible problems. They must successfully solve the problem to reach the next level or receive the necessary points. If they can handle the extremes, chances are they can handle every challenge they'll have to face in the workplace.

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9. Customer Point Of View Stories

It can be difficult to see things from the other side of the customer service desk. However, customer point of view stories give your customer service staff the opportunity to gain a new perspective. They're able to put themselves in the shoes of a customer who has had a busy day and just wants to exchange an item or doesn't seem to find the right product to solve an everyday problem. These stories help employees connect with consumers on a more personal level, as well as make the online training experience more emotionally-centered. Customer service staff will feel more empathy for the people they encounter, thereby improving their ability to communicate, actively listen, and troubleshoot.

10. Company Policy Refreshers

In many instances, employees from other departments will turn to customer service staff for company policy information. Therefore, you need to provide your customer service associates with the knowledge refreshers they need to offer support and guidance. This may come in the form of bite-sized online training tutorials, bullet lists, or infographics that explore different sections of the customer service manual.

These 10 must-have online training job aid enhance the value of your customer service online training and equip your customer service staff with the practical experience they need. As a result, they're happier in the workplace and provide customers with the customer service care they've come to expect.

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