4 Growing New Manager Training Trends Every L&D Professional Should Know In 2019

New Manager Training Trends You Should Definitely Be Aware Of In 2019

Training your new managers properly is vital for a business. Managers affect the morale, productivity, and performance of their team, plus are often looked up to in the workplace so it’s important to ensure your managers are a good representation of the company.

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Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals
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Workplace learning has evolved rapidly thanks to the rise of digital and the use of technology, so it’s no surprise that L&D trends have emerged. So, what are the new manager training trends you need to know for 2019? Take a look at the points below.

1. Learning Should Happen In The Workflow

With the use of technology becoming so prevalent in our daily lives and in the workplace, employees are taking control of their own learning, and in turn, no longer expect to leave the workflow for training.

Traditional L&D methods such as courses and classroom training are being replaced with context-driven resources that are available any time, any place.

Digital resources offer solutions and information that are unique to your organisation and readily available. Instead of focusing on hour-long seminars, your new managers can learn at their points of need and put the new knowledge into practice immediately.

New manager training trends show that more organisations will design training materials which can easily be accessed during the points of need for new managers to address real issues in real-time. There’s no need to remove staff from the workflow or take them away from their desks to ‘learn’; instead L&D teams should be focusing on providing immediate answers and know-how.

This will eliminate the time your new managers spend away from their desks and allow for flexibility to work around busy schedules without interfering with your new managers’ day-to-day tasks.

2. Job-Relevant, Targeted Content

Answers are available quicker than ever thanks to the internet and smartphones. Employees are getting smarter and turning to their own means in order to find the information they need. But that isn’t enough. Whilst the internet can provide information and guidance, it’s not relevant to your organisation, and that’s where your digital resources will have the advantage.

Employees today want information that’s relevant to their roles and their future at the company.

There is so much that new managers will need to learn for their new role, so piling them with generic content and information that doesn’t affect them day-to-day is counter-productive and unlikely to make an impact. By providing job-relevant, targeted digital resources, your new managers can learn the ins and outs of their new roles without having to spend hours finding the information they need.

3. On-Demand And On-The-Go Access

New manager training trends show that more employees are turning to their devices when looking for the answers they need. Your new manager training needs to be accessible, on-demand, and not limited to one device or location. You’ll find that your new managers will be able to get productive much quicker when they have the information they require any time, anywhere. Plus, when your content is available on demand, they can even start training before they’ve begun their new role.

Real learning happens in real-time, and limiting the access to your training programme will greatly hinder the progress and performance of your new managers in the long run.

4. Deliver, Report And Improve

Digital isn’t just beneficial for employees, but also for L&D teams. Receiving instant insights and feedback has never been easier, and more organisations are utilising this latest trend of instant reporting. Rather than ‘coaching’ or forcing ‘learning’, L&D teams can use metrics to determine performance, productivity and engagement; meaning they can easily see what is or isn’t working in real-time to ensure new managers are receiving the best possible training materials.

Performance gaps can be easily spotted and resources can be amended based on feedback or trends. Plus, there’s no waiting around for test results and reports so L&D teams can focus their efforts on the delivery and feedback without delays.

In Summary

Acting on these new manager training trends will help you take great strides in the right direction by using solutions built for the modern workforce. By moving away from traditional L&D methods and utilising digital, you will see a transformation that really works for your organisation.

Training new managers has always been important, but the workplace has transformed rapidly since the rise in digital and therefore it’s important to ensure your organisation can keep up. Download the eBook Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals and find out how good leaders will guide their teams to achieve higher performance, better productivity, and improved morale, so training your managers in the right way is essential.

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