Free eBook: Impactful New Manager Training Using a NextGen LMS - A Complete Guide for L&D Professionals

Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals

It goes without saying how important the function of managers is. They enter a company with tremendous responsibility. Not only making sure the organization's goals are met and overachieved, but also impacting the performance of all their subordinates in a very positive manner, improving how motivated they feel, how increasingly productive they become and how they thrive throughout the company. The new manager has a difficult job ahead of him filled with a variety of challenges.

eBook Release: Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals
eBook Release
Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals
Find out how to use digital resources to inform, equip and inspire new managers to really make an impact in your organisation.

About The eBook: Planning The Training Right From The Get Go

But how do you facilitate these new managers in such a way that they are supported 100 percent? That they feel there is some infrastructure to fall back on so they can process the new universe of information accordingly? The goal is to onboard them as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So they never enter an area where they possibly underperform or perhaps even have to resort to covering up their (faulty) work methodologies. You are only as good as your teacher. This eBook: Impactful New Manager Training Using a NextGen LMS - A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals presents some significant insights into the practicality of approaching your new managers, handing them excellent tools from the start by choosing the right LMS. One that enables them to learn about the company inside out.

Taking The Next Step

Next-Generation learning platforms do much more than a regular LMS. The main difference is that Next-Generation learning platforms are user-centric in their whole design. As the concept revolves around user experiences, it facilitates a very efficient way of learning. Does it make more sense to give a new manager a generic training on how to manage teams and make sure KPIs are met? Or to hand them specific case studies based on real user experiences, preferably based on current challenges within the company? It's almost a no-brainer. This way you enable the new manager to give more direction to their own learning process. As well as help them "connect" more efficiently with the company. This way you are addressing one of the main challenges which is funneling down all that info, creating bite-size, manageable chunks. NextGen LMS also has a reporting component which is very useful for the L&D teams to use, to keep adjusting the training to the particular learning path of the new manager. It also helps finetune the specific content and course for future use. From engagement rates to resource performance, employee and department performance to user access records.

There are many variables which can reveal lots of relevant information. Instilling confidence in your new managers by offering this kind of supervision is, of course, a great benefit to the use and implementation of a NextGen LMS. L&D Professionals, who know all too well that managers affect the morale, productivity, and performance of their team, also realize the importance of guiding them adequately, allowing for new managers to learn on-the-go so to speak. Customized to their set goals and in their moment of need. For example, through letting them access content in lots of flexible ways. At the same time, filtering out any generic content, and offering them content that’s relevant to their roles and their future with the company. Last, but not least, on-demand content, allowing new managers to access information in real-time, granting access to your training program if the LMS allows it, is really great for the development and performance of your new managers in the long run.

The eBook: Impactful New Manager Training Using a NextGen LMS - A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals shows us that as an L&D Professional it's imperative to:

  • Increase engagement with the new managers by building rapport with them instead of determining their path for them.
  • Motivate and supervise a manager's sense of purpose within the company. For long-term retention.
  • Not underestimate the role of the managers within the company, and the effect they have on employee engagement scores.
  • Absolutely positively implement the power of digital into the content itself as well as the NextGen LMS you are using.

As with any goals the rewards of focusing on the long-term perspective reap very clear rewards as opposed to only looking at short-term benefits. So if one focuses on keeping managers happy in the long run by investing in their development, that will go a lot further than throwing financial incentives at them. Always keep an element of interactive engagement at the core of the training, instead of just "teaching them how it's done."

Turning New Managers Into Keepers

Of all the factors you can influence from outside, whilst onboarding a new manager, facilitating them with a great Next-Generation learning platform makes for a great start. It will help you increase the odds of keeping the training on the right track, aligned with the goals of the new manager. There won't be any need to keep track of external factors influencing the productivity of the new manager. After all, these are external factors, attributed to occurrences out of your L&D control. A NextGen LMS can increase their motivation and potential to be great producers. Download the eBook: Impactful New Manager Training Using a NextGen LMS - A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals to read further about the valuable information Looop has to offer on the topic of implementing a NextGen LMS. It sheds light on some impressive ways of where to direct focus within the company. For maximum efficiency and optimal results.

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