How A NextGen LMS Can Impact Your New Manager Training

Ways A NextGen LMS Impacts Your New Manager Training

Investing in your new managers is extremely important for an organisation. Managers are responsible for not only the morale and productivity of their employees but also their performance and likeliness to want to stay in their current role.

eBook Release: Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals
eBook Release
Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals
Find out how to use digital resources to inform, equip and inspire new managers to really make an impact in your organisation.

Next-Generation learning platforms go beyond regular LMS. They simplify the learning process and put employees in control. There’s no more waiting around for courses or classroom training; instead, L&D teams can focus their time on providing support and guidance at the point-of-need.

NextGen LMSs are designed to be easy to use. By focusing on User Experience, your new manager training programme will solve the actual problems your new managers face and support them with their performance and capability issues.

This article explores just some of the ways a NextGen LMS can impact your organisation’s new manager training.

Go From 'Not Knowing' To 'Doing' In Less Time For Less Cost

A lot of new manager training centres around generic content, instead of the more important things like actual problems that occur within the organisation.

If your new manager training is really going to make an impact, it needs to focus on addressing the real needs and challenges faced by your managers. NextGen LMSs allow employees to take control of their own learning by providing the information they need when they need it the most: at their point-of-need. Generic courses and content-dumping can't keep up in the modern workplace; instead, digital resources are coming into the forefront to help employees do their jobs better and faster.

Digital resources help you focus on providing short, digestible, relevant chunks of information to help get your new managers up-to-speed as quickly as possible to overcome their day-to-day problems. By using a NextGen LMS for your digital resources, you also ensure your new manager training materials are available whenever, wherever, so your employees aren’t limited to when and where they can access the information they require. This minimises the need for unnecessary costs, such as transportation, instructors and travel, as well as paperwork and time taken out of the working day to do training.

You can even begin training your new managers before they’ve started their new role, so they don’t have to worry about being underprepared or coming into their new role with hundreds of questions. Instead, you have all of the answers they need readily available in one place.

Productive, Knowledgeable And Happy Employees

High turnover is costly to businesses, and the organisation has a responsibility to ensure new managers are trained properly to ensure their teams are happy, productive and engaged.

Figures show that managers account for 70% of employees’ issues with engagement [1]. Low employee engagement leads to low productivity, which often results in poor performance and ultimately high turnover.

As digital resources address everyday questions and challenges, your new managers are far more likely to engage as they can see the value and benefits. By meeting your employees' motivations to learn at work and using digital resources to help them do their jobs better, they’re not only going to become more productive more quickly, but also likely to want to stay with the company. As a result, a knowledgeable manager will be far better equipped to manage others and ensure the chain of increased performance and productivity follows.

As well as giving your new managers information and support, you can use your NextGen LMS to allow new managers to see how their role could progress, or the impact of being a good manager. By using your existing managers and experts within the company, you go from only providing ‘know how’ to ‘what managers need to succeed here’.

Use the knowledge of your existing managers to address any further day-to-day issues and to provide invaluable expertise that further helps to guide new managers through even the toughest of situations.

Use Data And Feedback To Work On Performance Gaps

NextGen LMSs are actionable. L&D teams can easily measure the success of the new manager training programme to see what is or isn't working. They go beyond the standard reporting tools that most regular LMSs offer. Relating directly to your objectives and measures of success, it helps L&D teams to constantly improve and deliver the best possible training to ensure new managers are set up for success quickly and efficiently.

Here are just a few things you can measure:

  • Engagement rates
  • Resource performance
  • Employee and department performance
  • User access records
  • Automated assessment results
  • Device usage
  • Satisfaction survey feedback

Use feedback to find out what is missing from your programme, and ask experienced managers to share their expertise to shape your future digital resources. This could include questions such as:

  • What would have helped you in your new role as a manager?
  • Do the resources address your day-to-day questions and challenges?
  • Is there anything useful we’re missing?

By implementing this process, you’ll promote a culture of sharing as well as giving your new managers the confidence of knowing that their best interests are at the forefront of your training and that your organisation is delivering the best possible new manager training programme.

As you can see, the impact a NextGen LMS can have for your new manager training is huge. Using the tools designed for the modern workplace, you can ensure your new managers will be set up for success when using a NextGen LMS for your training.

Training new managers has always been important, but the workplace has transformed rapidly since the rise in digital and therefore it’s important to ensure your organisation can keep up. Download the eBook Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals and find out how good leaders will guide their teams to achieve higher performance, better productivity, and improved morale, so training your managers in the right way is essential.


[1] Why Great Managers Are So Rare

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