7 Notable Reasons To Launch An Employee Branding Strategy For Your SMB

7 Notable Reasons To Launch An Employee Branding Strategy For Your SMB
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Summary: Is an employee branding strategy really worth the investment? In this article, I highlight 7 reasons why EVERY SMB should consider brand training.

Top Reasons Why Every SMB Should Launch an Employee Branding Strategy

SMBs with tight budgets usually put brand culture on the back burner. However, small staff sizes and limited resources make employee branding even more essential. Every member of the team should embody your brand image. Not just your front-end team and call center reps. Look at your HR department. They have to recruit new staffers to represent your brand. But first, they need to understand your core values and messages themselves. Why is brand training so crucial for long-term success? For starters, it creates a united front. Employees know what you stand for and take pride in their jobs. Here are 7 notable reasons to launch an employee branding strategy for your SMB.

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7 Perks Of Launching An Employee Branding Program

1. Turn employees into brand ambassadors

Some employees are more ready to step into the brand ambassador role than others. But an effective employee branding strategy wins everyone over. They have the chance to go beyond your public persona and explore the history of your brand. As well as how you stand apart from the competition. Brand ambassadors are crucial these days because of the internet. Employees can use social media to promote products. Or to do damage control if someone leaves a negative comment. They stand up for your brand because they genuinely believe in it.

2. Improve customer loyalty

Customers are more likely to get behind your brand and stay loyal when employees treat them right. And when everyone represents your company with confidence. Brand training gets everyone on the same page. They know that providing amazing service is one of your pillars (at least, it should be). As a result, employees make a great first impression, even if it’s the customer’s fourth purchase. Furthermore, establishing a solid brand culture increases referrals. Customers are happy to share their experience with your brand and send friends your way.

3. Reduce employee turnover

One reason why employees make an early exit is that they no longer believe in the brand. In some cases, they may not even know what the brand is all about. Since they never received the proper online training. An effective employee branding strategy helps to improve retention rates. Your top performers understand the ins and outs of your messaging. As well as how it ties into their job roles. Thus, they’re more satisfied on the job and keep cultivating their skills. Instead of leaving the company and bringing all their talents with them. That means lower new hire and onboarding costs. Plus, you get to hold on to your top brand ambassadors.

4. Build a strong brand culture

Brand culture is the foundation for everything that you do. Employees must be aware of how all the branding elements come together. And why it’s so important to be part of your corporate community. In short, everyone is proud to associate themselves with your brand. Which also attracts qualified job candidates when it’s time to expand your talent pool. As there’s always some overlap between employer and employee branding. For example, employer branding usually centers on your public image and how that impacts recruitment. But employee branding is part of that package. Since staffers set the example. Job candidates want to be as passionate about their work as your current employees are.

5. Ensure every employee reflects your core values

The term ‘core values’ shows up a lot when talking about brand training. Essentially, they’re the framework for your business operations. Everything you do should align with these key principles and beliefs. That also applies to employees’ on-the-job performance. Employee branding ensures that your team reflects core values, and not just when someone is watching. For instance, they treat co-workers with respect and go above and beyond to help customers. Even when their manager is on a lunch break.

6. Identify areas for improvement through brand training

Brand engagement training should maintain a positive tone. However, it’s also important to highlight personal pain points. For example, skills or habits employees need to work on. Online training gives them the opportunity to discreetly assess their performance. Simulations, branching scenarios, and real-world examples are great diagnostic tools. Employees can evaluate their own behaviors and then realign with the brand image. Maybe they need to focus on communication skills to up their customer service game. Or fine-tune their sales pitch so that it resonates with your messaging.

7. Reduce company policy breaches

Most of your employees aren’t natural-born rule breakers. They want to follow company policy and contribute to your organization. However, they can’t see how their actions impact the company. Or how it reflects on your overall brand image. Employee branding training helps them shift focus and put theory into practice. For instance, the brand ambassador certification course covers all the sales policies. It doesn’t just list them off but asks employees to put them into context. They need to make virtual customers happy and demonstrate product knowledge. Because your company is known for its tech expertise and targeted recommendations. So, staffers avoid pushy sales jargon and act as a buying guide. Which makes customers even more loyal and brings in repeat business.


Many small businesses let the myths and misconceptions hold them back. Employee branding isn’t reserved for large organizations. In fact, it can help SMBs stretch available resources and maximize their marketing power. Because every employee becomes a brand ambassador. They promote your products and provide stellar CX. Because they know that your company is purpose-driven.  As a result, they’re more likely to stay with your SMB and expand on their skills.

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