4 Signs An On-Demand Training Is The Right Choice For Your Organization
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On Demand Training: Is It The Right Choice For Your Organization?

Take a look at these signs below; if they sound familiar, then you should consider using on demand training:

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1. If Your Employees Are Already Learning On Their Own

Employees are already taking control of their own learning (think of how often you turn to Google to answer a question). We’re accustomed to using technology to help us find the answers we need, and on demand training mimics this, by providing solutions as and when we need them.

Traditional L&D methods are struggling to keep up in the digital world, where we are constantly connected, and waiting weeks for a course isn’t going to work.

It’s well-known that the more we learn, the better we perform. And this is a factor that is often overlooked when it comes to implementing training. Your staff want to get better at their jobs—that is their primary motivation to learn.

On demand training taps into these motivations and supports what they’re already doing; taking control of their own learning. It is however far more effective than Google or other web resources because your digital resources can be unique to your organization and provide solutions in the context of your employees’ jobs.

2. If You Have Limited L&D Resources

If your organization has limited L&D resources, or your employees have limited time to commit to big courses or block out chunks of time, then on demand training can put time back in your hands.

Creating digital resources that can be accessed on demand frees time for both your staff and L&D teams. Resources take a matter of minutes to create and can be easily updated, ensuring your information is continuously up-to-date and relevant.

Courses are well-known for having quite a bit of general content and can be extremely time-consuming to create. Resources are job-specific and get straight to the point, so you know you won’t be wasting time creating content that nobody will ever read.

On-demand frees up valuable time for your employees, so they can focus on their day-to-day work and access your training as and when they need answers, rather than when L&D teams decide.

3. If Your Employees Can’t Spend Large Chunks Of Time Away From Their Work

If you have employees that aren’t able to spend large chunks of time away from their work then on demand training will be a good choice, eliminating the need for blocking out hours in a day to get everyone into the same room to do classroom training or courses.

It also enables people to access your training materials from their desks, or even at home on their own devices, rather than needing to use specific hardware, which again can be time restricting and impractical.

On demand training offers a flexible solution that minimizes the need to remove staff from the workflow, whilst still offering them the support and guidance they need to be continuously improving. It is there to work around busy schedules without interfering with your staff’s day-to-day tasks.

4. If You Have A Distributed Workforce

On demand training supports organizations that have a widespread workforce or even just remote workers that work separately to the rest of the business. It is not location specific and therefore does not limit where or when ‘learning’ takes place.

People need to be able to access your training at their point-of-need. Just to clarify, this point-of-need is not a lengthy one-day induction or a 20-page long course about a topic, but it is determined by the employees as they face their work challenges to which they require additional confidence and competence to perform a specific action (or set of actions).

Employees want support to perform better as and when they face real-life challenges. On demand training addresses this by providing your staff with access to the answers they need to enable better ‘working’ and ‘results’.

Your training programs shouldn’t be hindered or limited just because you have a distributed workforce. Instead, utilize technology and the influence digital has to provide instant learning solutions to your people whenever and wherever they need them.

These are just a few of the many ways on demand training has helped organizations to improve their training programs and best support their employees. Digital resources eliminate the need to spend hours creating content; you can get started within a matter of minutes. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get you started with our results-focused and data-driven resources-first approach.

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