7 Online Directory Search Tips For Training Needs Assessment Outsourcing

7 Online Directory Search Tips For Training Needs Assessment Outsourcing
Summary: Are you ready to reduce spending and bring in a third-party provider for a training needs assessment? In this post, I share insider tips to get the most from exclusive TNA outsourcing directories.

How To Choose The Right TNA Service Provider

Training needs assessment companies specialize in digital detective work. They must use all their analytic, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills to streamline your strategy, as well as identify online training shortcomings that limit employee potential and organizational growth. So, how do you find a vendor with all the necessary qualifications without having to set up an L&D task force? Is there a way to quickly weigh all the options so that you can compile a shortlist? Online directories take the guesswork out of vendor vetting. Listings cover all the essential info you need to choose the right partner for TNA outsourcing, regardless of your budget.

7 Top Tips To Find An Outsourcing Partner For Your Training Needs Assessment

1. Use Built-In Filters To Find A TNA Pro

Directories should make it stress-free to quickly sort vendors and focus on those who provide training needs assessment instead of having to go through every listing one by one to see who makes the cut. Training needs analysis falls under the category of “content design development” on the solutions list, alongside other valuable outsourcing services, such as content conversion and custom app development. So, it’s quick and convenient to find vendors that meet all your training requirements.

2. Sort By Rating To Identify Top Performers

Another way to identify top-notch TNA outsourcing partners is to sort directory listings by rating. Vendors with the highest overall satisfaction score show up first, which makes it easy to find companies with an established track record. This sorting system works in conjunction with the built-in filters so that you don’t have to start from scratch. You also have the option to sort results by reviews to see which vendors have the most user opinions.

3. Consider Industry And Specialization Area

The vendor should also align with your use case and specialize in your industry. The directory has other filters to target vendors who know your niche and are experienced with the training topic. For example, they cater to the consumer services sector and their specialization areas are leadership training and risk management. Thus, they may be an ideal match for your call center management TNA project which also includes compliance training initiatives.

4. Read Reviews

Reading user reviews doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid all the outsourcing pitfalls. However, it can help you cross vendors off the list that don’t prioritize the quality of service or responsiveness. You’re able to concentrate on partners who know which training needs analysis questions to ask and how to support clients throughout the TNA process. Just make sure that you evaluate all reviews instead of focusing on the extremes. For instance, one negative review shouldn’t carry more weight than 25 positive ones. Consider every summary statement and pros/cons list to find the best training needs analysis provider in your industry.

5. Evaluate The Complete Solutions List

Vendors usually have a more extensive training solutions menu than just needs assessment. In fact, it’s best to look for a provider who can help you bridge the gaps you disclose during the TNA. Directory listings also include other services on offer, such as VILT, microlearning, gamification, and simulations. The training needs assessment should be your primary focus. But don’t forget about solutions for your newly discovered L&D gaps, as it saves you the time and expense of looking for another outsourcing partner in the near future.

6. Analyze The Performance Overview

The performance overview includes all the key evaluation criteria your organization must consider, ranging from achieved results to quality of service. It’s the grand total for all user reviews and ratings and is based on a five-star system. There’s also a likelihood to recommend percentage and overall rating. However, you should still read individual reviews to find out why vendors received such high/low marks. For example, several ratings from three years ago have brought down the overall score. But their recent reviews are amazing, and it seems like they’ve taken client feedback to heart.

7. Visit The Vendor’s Site

The vendor site should address all of your training needs analysis questions. Does this vendor offer unique benefits to my organization? Do they understand the industry and common training challenges? Are they going to deliver the best value for money, even if they come with a higher price tag than competitors? The vendor’s site must also feature case studies and success stories from past clients, or even an online portfolio that showcases some of their best work. In short, landing pages allow you to determine which vendors earn an RFP so that you don’t waste valuable time on TNA outsourcing companies that fall outside your scope.

Bonus Tip: Leave A Review To Share Your Experience

Pay it forward by leaving a review after you hire the training needs assessment provider so that potential clients know what to expect. This can also help you summarize what you liked best and least about the outsourcing partner, as you must consider everything from communication to value for money to calculate the overall rating. For example, your team can get together to share their thoughts and whether the TNA service provider is right for future projects.


Not all training needs assessment directories are created equal. Every listing should give you the essentials so that you can formulate your own opinion, instead of letting sponsored reviews or ratings cloud your judgment. It’s also wise to look for directories backed by industry authorities—platforms that have been around for years and pair listings with valuable outsourcing insights, such as guides, tip sheets, and top vendor lists to help you make the best buying decision.

Training needs analysis providers must know your niche, understand your objectives, and work within your budget. Our online directory gathers them all in one place so that you can find the best outsourcing partner for your TNA project.