Online Exam Marking Is The Future: 6 Reasons Why You Must Transition

6 Key Benefits Of Online Exam Marking
Summary: Are you using Excel to track your examination marking process? A 2013 report by Ofqual found two-thirds of exams were marked online. Now, seven years on, that figure has surely seen a massive jump.

6 Key Benefits Of Online Exam Marking

Are you using Excel to track your examination marking process? You can say goodbye to spreadsheets and streamline your assessment process through the use of online marking tools. In fact, a 2013 report by Ofqual found two thirds (66%) of exams were marked online. Now, seven years on, that figure is likely to have increased. You may seem reluctant to take on the overwhelming task of switching to online marking. Here are  6 key benefits of eMarking and how online marking can drastically improve your exams process. 

1. Saves Times And Speeds Up Process

Manually distributing scripts to markers and inputting results to markers is a laborious and time-consuming task. Not to mention, unsecure. Using online marking software streamlines the process and makes it easier to manage. Real-time dashboards show the updated progress of every exam paper to help you keep track of exam papers. Setting up automated workflows and user permissions make the process efficient, quick, and secure.

Some online marking software can automatically distribute papers to markers based on set criteria, such as their qualification, their language, and availability.

2. High-Quality Student Experience

With papers instantly appearing on an exam marker’s screen, the time saved from not shipping bundles of exams is massively reduced. The autonomy of online marking speeds up the process between a candidate sitting an exam and them receiving their grade. Resulting in a much-improved candidate experience.

A more streamlined and effortless workflow will also eliminate the chance of human error. This ensures students receive reliable results.

3. Standardization Of Marking

The same Ofqual report stated that marking papers on-screen saves time and money and improves accuracy while “reducing logistical risks." With the benefit of past and exceptional papers saved onto the system, markers have access to reliable references to consistently mark papers to a high standard. An uncomplicated marking process means markers can solely focus on their marking, and administrators can manage the process more efficiently.

4. Easy Moderation And Re-Marking

With eMarking, you can send scripts to different examiners for remarking or moderation at any stage of the process. This can be done at the click of a mouse to cut a substantial chunk of your workload and make your working life easier.

Being able to easily re-allocate and moderate scripts helps to avoid overdue papers, and ensures a high-quality standard of marking for every student.

5. Secure, Environmentally-Friendly And COVID-Friendly

Safely sending scripts to examiners has been a challenge during the pandemic. eMarking is a process that is completely digital, avoids contact between staff, and delivers papers to examiners within seconds. Online marking is secure, so you don’t need to worry about data being compromised.

According to some research, eLearning produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions than regular practices.

6. Operation Cost Savings

eMarking significantly lowers the resource required for administration, meaning it’s possible to recover the initial investment cost very quickly. It’s estimated that the use of eMarking software has reduced workload by more than 50%, not just cutting time, but also costs.

  • The eLearning market has grown by 900% since the year 2000
  • 72% of companies believe eLearning increases their performance
  • eLearning creates 85% fewer CO2 emissions
  • eLearning increases staff retention rates by up to 60%

Transitioning To Online Marking

There are many benefits to online marking; however, switching your exam marking processes to online software can seem daunting. The scale in which your institution rolls this out depends on your organization’s size or current processes; whether you completely transition to online marking, or just focus on final exams as a tangible first approach.

Sending scanned scripts to markers rather than distributing bundles of physical papers would save your shipping costs. Not to mention the time savings between a scanned paper arriving on a marker’s screen instantly compared to shipping bulky papers across the country—or even the world.

eMarking software is purposefully built to cater to every stage of the examination process.