Use Online Quiz Tools To Improve Student Success

Use Online Quizzes To Improve Student Success

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational” – George Couros

The 21st century has been the year of technological reforms. Every stream of study has felt the ripple effect of this, so has the education. It is essential for educators to reform their ways of engaging students. Gen Z is the generation with easy access to the internet. They have knowledge at their fingertips. Educators need to level up the standards of education so that their students can stand up to the ever-changing global economic needs. The poll tool has already gained recognition around the globe, Estonians have had the ability to vote online instead of waiting in line at their local polling stations since 2005 [1].

Evolve With The Revolution

Everything from products to services has moved from the physical market to the online market. You name it and they have got it, the internet has housed the sale of anything and everything. From food, clothes, homes, to even soul mates. It is impossible to expect education has not been affected by the change in trend. eLearning has only been possible with the penetration of easy access to technology in an individual's day-to-day routine.

Online quiz tools have evolved from LMS technology, which has been a substantial part of eLearning technology. In the 1980s, computers were introduced to the education system around the globe. The earliest networked learning system was the Plato Learning Management System (PLM) developed in the 1970s by Control Data Corporation. eLearning technology was introduced to the world in the early 20th century with audio-video learning. During this period, technology was integrated with education to enhance student education [2]. Learning Management Systems would basically help the trainers deliver academic material to individual learners and conduct assessments based on them. Presently, this technology has become super sophisticated with tracking available for student progress, complemented with detailed analytics on the student's activity behavioral logs.

Bid Farewell To Pen And Paper

With the ever-emerging need of going paperless, an online quiz maker is the best available technology to help bid goodbyes to all the manual processing of paper, and also the unnecessary wastage of scarce resources. Technology is the future. Online quiz tools help change the traditional schooling methods to a paperless and hassle-free experience. It is not just an eco-friendly idea but it also helps save time and energy involved in the chaos that involves maintenance of paper records.

One of the main ideas to promote online quiz builders is to promote access to education anytime, anywhere. It is faster and more convenient to conduct as it requires less human effort. There are many free online quiz makers available that will help you design the quiz of your choice. With the freedom to apply the logic of scoring that best suits your style of grading, accompanied by varied types of questions to choose from. SoGoSurvey, Surveymonkey, Typeform are the top-rated online survey tools as per WordStream, they are also well known for their poll tool and quiz creator. They help set up the classroom effect while initiating a level of creativity by helping conduct tests that can be fun! SoGosurvey comes with the option of distributing password protected quizzes, increasing the level of authenticity of your quizzes.

The entire Gen Z is technologically driven. Students of this generation are authoritative, technological users. While every aspect of their life is at a regressive pace, it is a repulsive idea to expect them to answer long subjective answers. Classroom learning is essential, and in order to make this process fun and rather easy, online quiz builders are a boon. This way we don’t compromise on the level of education imparted; all we did was upgrade the technique of imparting this knowledge. Most successful education systems from schools to coaching institutes have switched to online quizzes from traditional assessment techniques. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are the best way to understand a student's logical understanding about a certain topic. Most government organizations around the globe conduct examinations with multiple-choice questions.

Ease of Analysis

Online assessment tools come with features beyond conception. The reports generated on the tests are detailed and elaborate enough to understand the intricacies of a student's understanding of the topic. Quiz creators are hence dynamic, they can be used to conduct weekly assessments as well as detailed examinations. The scalability doesn’t fail to astonish the users. With the advent of innovation, most schools and teachers have come to recognize that online platforms are easy to use, highly effective and efficient, and are welcoming the change.

Teachers are the pillars on whom the entire education system exists. It becomes essential to empower them with the latest equipment so that they can provide the best teaching experience they can. Quiz makers, as much a boon to the students, are a magnificent weapon in the hands of institutes. It is essential for institutes to be equipped as they are responsible for the future of the country’s next generation.


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