Hiring Multiple eLearning Vendors: Any Benefits?

Hiring Multiple eLearning Vendors: Any Benefits?

Corporate organizations choose eLearning vendors or solution providers to avail the services of experienced eLearning professionals without having to hire an in-house team. This way they can devote their internal L&D resources to other tasks, gain significant cost advantages and get better quality eLearning delivered; as eLearning solution providers/vendors handle a number of diverse projects on a daily basis. Most organizations hire just one eLearning company or vendor to take care of their eLearning courses and content creation needs, and although this is a great way to go about things, hiring multiple eLearning vendors to create different eLearning courses may be a better idea. Why? That’s what this article is all about!

1. Increased Output

Well, a single eLearning vendor can work on only one course at a time, right? Hiring multiple eLearning vendors ensures that you can have a number of eLearning courses ready within the same time it would have taken a single eLearning vendor to create one. It is a popular saying in corporate organizations that “time is money.” Well then, multiple vendors are saving you money! Also, each of the vendors will create, manage and sometimes conduct their own courses, which lets you handle all of them with ease. Increases in output or productivity are something no organization will say no to.

2. Diverse eLearning Design & Content

This is perhaps the best advantage of hiring multiple vendors. Each eLearning vendor has Instructional Designers who have different fields of expertise, backgrounds as well as interests. Each of them has different design methodologies and employ different learning methodologies. This creates diversity in your eLearning courses, which gives learners a much-needed change and also, lets you know which type of design, content and learning strategy your learners/employees like. Diversity in these factors leads to a better experience for your learners/employees, which leads to better learning and better retention.

3. Backup

Having just one eLearning vendor/provider poses a problem that most organizations do not fully comprehend. What happens if things go south and the course created was not up to your expectations? Having just one eLearning vendor means that you’ll have to hire another one now, which is not an easy task at all. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an eLearning vendor, and if you choose in haste, you’re more likely to get someone who isn’t up to the mark. Having multiple eLearning vendors, thus, means that you always have one or two as a backup if things don’t work out with one of them.

4. Competitive Advantage

The purpose of an Instructional Designer or eLearning professional is to create eLearning that is engaging, easy-to-use and educational. Hiring multiple eLearning vendors strengthens your position by offering better usability, which gives you an advantage over your competitors. A greater number of eLearning professionals working for your organization means that the aggregate knowledge is greater than what it would be if only one of them would have worked for you; which, is bound to increase the quality of eLearning courses produced.

5. Better Reviewing Capabilities

The L&D professionals in your organization may not be able to review a finished eLearning course created by a vendor as well as another vendor. Yet, another advantage of having multiple vendors is that you can use one to check and help review the eLearning courses of another. This will ensure that the final product (i.e. the eLearning course) is flawless. eLearning vendors are professionals who will review the courses of their rivals with a keen eye, which makes it easier to iron out mistakes.

6. Problems Are Solved Faster

Say your eLearning vendor runs into a problem while in the process of creating an eLearning course. The disadvantage of a single eLearning vendor is that while they are thinking of ways to solve the problem, precious time is being lost. If you have multiple vendors, they can look at the problem from a different perspective, and perhaps offer a solution. Better yet, maybe the other eLearning vendor doesn’t run into the specific problem at all! An extra group of heads is always better to solve problems, finish off difficult tasks and increase creativity.

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