Performance Support: Featuring Prezi Animations In Our Learning Framework To Supplement Online Training


As an organization providing innovative learning solutions (focusing on eLearning, mLearning and blended learning), we recently added the Performance Support Solutions to our portfolio.

Since inception, learner centricity has been the core of our learning designs. Our on-going focus on innovation has enabled us to craft immersive and engaging learning experiences irrespective of authoring tools or changing technology.

As an extension, our foray into Performance Support Solutions also features the same thread of innovation.

Case study: How To Use Prezi To Create An Innovative Learning Aid

In this article, I will share a case study on how we have used Prezi (a presentation tool) to create an innovative learning aid. Shortly, this will be a part of our upcoming Performance Support solutions.

Many of us would have used Prezi to create engaging presentations with 3D zooming functionality. We too had used the tool to create our Corporate overview presentation.

During this development, we noted the potential of creating learning aids that are based on Prezi animations on account of the “stickiness of learning” that it can provide.

This case study showcases a learning aid that has:

  1. Multi-device support (Runs seamlessly on PCs, laptops and tablets)
  2. Learning concepts in a stunning 3D zoom presentation format (Playing on Prezi’s core strength)
  3. Integration of the learning pieces into an eLearning course (Through our eLearning framework) along-with
    • Interesting inline-check formats
    • Value-adds like “Rate the course (Like the course)” and “Recommend the course”

Here is a screenshot of what our learning aid looks like:

Featuring Prezi Animations To Supplement Online Training

Featuring Prezi Animations To Supplement Online Training


You can also view the proof of concept demo on our website

How have we leveraged on Prezi’s strengths to create a “sticky learning” experience?

  1. We find that Prezi is well suited as a mind-mapping tool. We could lay down the various learning elements initiatively on the learning path.
  2. We also love the control it provides us to direct the learner through various elements in the learning path.
  3. Although we are familiar with the “motion sickness” association of Prezi’s animations, we found that when used in moderation, we could use this feature to focus learner’s attention to the required aspect.

What makes it tick?

This is why I feel the Prezi based approach to create learning aids results in an engaging and immersive experience:

  1. Since the approach is very different from the typical representations, you grab the learner’s attention right away.
  2. Since we get to precisely direct the learner attention in the manner we want to; the retention is high.
  3. Although opinion is still divided on the “zoom and pan” control’s impact on learning, I believe that when used right this approach delivers.

Final verdict: We have asked for opinion in our proof of concept as we are tracking the “Like” and “Recommend” feedback through our framework. I will certainly keep you posted.

What are the gains?

The gains are clearly better recall and retention. The learners found the experience to be immersive and more engaging than traditional training formats.

What are the potential application areas of this learning aid?

I am sure the potential is huge although so far, we have found applications in following areas:

  1. Change management
  2. Supporting programs for Compliance (awareness)
  3. Introducing new initiatives
  4. Introducing new products

I look forward to your views on our solution and further suggestions on its application areas.

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