5 Performance Support Tips To Enhance Sales Online Training

5 Performance Support Tips To Enhance Sales Online Training
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Summary: Does your sales team need to brush up on their skills in order to widen your profit margin? Are you looking for targeted tools that offer just-in-time performance support after sales online training? In this article, I'll share 5 performance support tips that can help you improve your sales online training.

How To Enhance Your Sales Online Training: 5 Performance Support Tips To Consider

Performance support online tools provide sales employees with the information they need when they need it the most. Whether they are on the sales floor or meeting with a client half a world away, they have access to sales online training resources that can help. Likewise, they have the power to expand their product knowledge and build essential skills whenever the need arises. Here are the top 5 performance support tips for your salespeople.

1. Pinpoint Performance Issues

Each and every member of your sales staff has unique performance and skill issues they need to work on. So, it makes perfect sense that pinpointing those problems is the first step. These gaps will let you know which online training activities they require and where they are going to access the online resources. For example, are they going to be using their mobile devices just before meeting with a client, or the POS terminals on the sales floor? This will help you custom tailor not only the online training content, but also the way it's deployed. You can identify issues through online assessments, manager evaluations, and workplace observations. It's also wise to gather feedback from your salespeople via online surveys, questionnaires, and interviews.

Quick Tip: Conduct a task analysis once you have a general idea of your employees' performance and skills gaps. This allows you to identify the root cause of the problem and create targeted online training activities. For example, salespeople may only be struggling with a particular step of the process or lack a key skill.

2. Create Task-Specific Microlearning Online Training Resources

Performance support tools offer "moment of need" information, which means that they must be easily accessible. Furthermore, they should provide bite-sized bits of information that are relevant to the corporate learner. Microlearning online training tutorials, videos, and online presentations fit the bill. These online training resources allow salespeople to focus on targeted tasks so that they can improve productivity. For instance, they can access a product online training tutorial if customers need to know the features and specs.

Quick Tip: Make it mobile-friendly by using a responsive design eLearning authoring tool. These tools automatically adjust the layout based on the screen size and orientation of the mobile device used. For instance, salespeople who are using their tablets will get the same benefit as those who are using a PC.

3. Incorporate Real World Scenarios And Online Training Simulations

Real world activities, such as branching scenarios and online training simulations, put the information into context. They also give your sales team the chance to gain valuable experience without the risk. Instead of merely reading about various problems they'll encounter, they can immerse themselves in the situation. Create effective and engaging simulations using the latest responsive design eLearning authoring tools to enrich your online training content. For example, a branching scenario that features different customer personas allowing them to fine tune their sales approach. These online training activities mimic real life, which enables your salesforce to explore every aspect of their work responsibilities. Hence, it is an amazing performance support online training resource for new hires, as it reduces the learning curve.

Quick Tip: The key to effective branching scenarios and online training simulations is realism. Salespeople need to feel like they are in the "thick of things". For instance, re-enacting the pressure or stress that they might encounter with a disgruntled customer. Use real world images, sounds, and processes to foster a sense of immersion. You can also integrate the equipment and software they'll use on a regular basis.

4. Provide Targeted Online Training Tools

Sales employees require targeted information so that they can carry on with their work day. There isn't time to sit through a half-hour online training course when a customer is waiting around. As such, you should offer your sales employees targeted online training tools that cover specific tasks and topics. For example, a 3-minute online video demo that helps to build their negotiation skills. They can access online training resources time and again to refresh their memory and hone their sales skills. Remember, the goal of performance support sales online training is bridging the gaps. You are not trying to give them a comprehensive overview of every task or skill they require. Each online training resource is a piece of the bigger puzzle, which reinforces key ideas and improves knowledge retention. If you're working with large quantities of information, break it into smaller online training modules and chunk related concepts. For instance, create bulleted lists that highlight every step of the sales process.

Quick Tip: Develop an online library that features microlearning online training resources and interactive exercises. This allows your salespeople to access the online training content when it's most convenient for them. They are even able to develop their own self-guided performance support online training material if they want to improve their sales numbers.

5. Evolve And Adapt Your Performance Support Online Training Strategy

Your performance support online training strategy is a work in progress. The needs of your sales staff are constantly evolving and changing. Thus, your approach needs to change right along with them. This involves extensive research, online training evaluation, and assessment, for both your sales staff and the overall online training program. Get feedback from your sales team to make the necessary modifications and update your performance support online tools. Assess them early and often to pinpoint gaps that are still hindering their productivity.

Quick Tip: Managing input is integral. Get your managers involved by soliciting their feedback from the start and encouraging them to carry out informal assessments. This may be in the form of on-the-spot task analysis or looking for trends. If half of your sales team is struggling to meet their sales quotas, then it may be time to rethink your performance support online training approach.

Performance support is a spontaneous, informal online training approach that meets the individual needs of your salespeople. It focuses on real world applications and practical knowledge, which makes it a valuable online training tool. Use these 5 tips to apply it in your sales online training program to optimize the performance of your sales team.

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