Published: July 28, 2020

eLearning Industry Is Freshening Up Its Look—We'Re Rebranding

eLearning Industry is always dedicated to offering top-notch eLearning solutions and resources and sharing knowledge within the eLearning niche. Now, eLearning Industry is expanding its services through rebranding.

eLearning Industry

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Implementing A Rebranding Initiative

We are more than excited to announce a refreshed brand identity at eLearning Industry. The current times demand immediate action. So, as our organization has greatly evolved over the years, it is time to undergo some change. Even with this shift, and a fresher perspective, our core values and beliefs will not change.

Lately, we have dedicated ourselves and put our hearts and souls into creating a new image that will effectively illustrate our principles as an organization. We have been empowered by your support and trust, which has helped make eLearning Industry the world's largest online eLearning and corporate training community.

Thus, we will continue to embrace our culture and continue delivering top-notch services while at the same time expanding our niche and community. In the words of eLearning Industry's founder Christopher Pappas:

Nowadays, online corporate training is even more demanding due to the remote working establishment. In the last few months, an ever-increasing number of users, reaching 1 million, visited us. We continue to grow, and we strive to help our community with that same integrity and passion. eLI is the leading online platform for the eLearning industry and our aim is to broaden our community to other niches related to corporate training, covering topics such as HR, recruitment, and more.

By launching a new symbol, we wish to move from the conservative "Tree of Knowledge" to an emblem that better depicts our new perspective. Community, teamwork, responsibility, progress, and productivity are our brand’s pillars. Thus, we have managed to translate them into Melissa the Bee! Our new icon for eLearning Industry's rebranding demonstrates wisdom, strength, harmony, open communication, and a unified community.

In this spirit, we will stay committed to our customers and the eLearning community. We will continue to provide the professionalism you have experienced with us until today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, business partners, audience, and eLearning professionals for all their trust and support.

Lastly, we wish to inform you that our team is anything but divided at the moment. We all sincerely hope that eLearning Industry's rebranding initiative brings room for further growth, knowledge, and professional opportunities.

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