Embracing Change: The Story And Rebranding Of eLearning Industry

Embracing Change: The Story And Rebranding Of eLearning Industry
Summary: Although we're living the dream of a success story at eLearning Industry, it is impossible not to see the current changes in the corporate training reality. All of us at eLearning Industry move forward and shift our attention to expanding our well-respected community by rebranding. But what did it take to get here and how is change occurring? Read my story and find out what's new from a very personal perspective.

Saluting The Tree Of Knowledge And Welcoming Melissa

Let's leave the jargon of corporate training to the side for a while, and let's discuss something familiar. It’s very possible that some of you might be interested in gardening. Or you have been at some point in your life or you know a person who does. Don’t shake your head no, even at kindergarten we’ve all crossed paths with the ABC of planting. So, I’m sure you know how it feels like to plant a tiny seed, put some soil, water it, and watch it grow bit by bit. It takes a lot of time, patience, and care.

At first, the progress is slow and you might even feel frustrated by not seeing immediate results. Impatience kicks in and you can’t wait to have a big, voluminous plant that brings beauty into your life. You’ll think, “What did I get myself into?” But then, as it starts taking shape, a smile appears on your face, you become hopeful, and you put even more effort into helping it grow. Best case scenario, after a while, you’ve managed to bring something to life. Now you have a gorgeous plant and you can feel the rush of achievement through your whole body!

Pursuing Dreams And Achieving Success

You’re probably wondering why I’m blabbering about gardening. Take a step back and reflect on that. Every time you wish to grow or create something, there is a sequence of steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. It is very similar to planting seeds and growing plants. You start with an idea and you put your heart, soul, and energy into it, so you can watch it become alive and a big part of your life. And it’s so heartwarming in the end…

This is exactly how I feel every time I’m thinking about my very own journey with the creation of eLearning Industry. It didn’t become that big at the beginning, but you know what they say, "Rome wasn’t built in a day," and this is oh so true. I planted a small seed, I watered it, I dedicated time to help it grow—sleepless nights and overthinking involved as well, you know the deal! After quite some time, with its ups and downs, my little seed formed branches of life and learning and became what you all know today as the emblem of eLearning Industry—the Tree of Knowledge!

Harvesting The Fruitful Efforts Of eLearning Industry

So far, with your support and trust, we have made it as the world's largest online learning and corporate training community. More than 1,400 authors publish their articles on eLearning Industry. All eLearning professionals (without any limitation/exclusion) are able to share their knowledge over eLearning topics. We proudly publish 150 articles each month in 68 different categories. Our readers visit eLI each month to discover the latest trends, best practices, and solutions regarding L&D. Apart from that, we offer top eLearning and corporate training resources—250+ eBooks and 140+ webinars. Moreover, we have created a top-notch directory to help L&D professionals find the right learning solution or technology for their business needs. In addition, we deliver 20+ marketing solutions to eLearning brands to help them grow within the eLearning and corporate training niche, as well as products to meet any and all marketing needs of top eLearning brands.

On top of that, based on the company size, budget, and specific needs, we have built effective digital marketing solutions, such as banners and email marketing. We have created automated solutions for companies to run pay per click and pay per lead campaigns. We deliver complete content marketing solutions that help eLearning brands generate targeted leads for their funnels and stand out as thought leaders for specific eLearning topics. All of these started by planting a small seed.

Changing Is Adapting To The New Reality

Today, the world is changing in the blink of an eye. The current reality demands immediate solutions and fast, yet careful, adaptation. It is imperative that we also embrace the rebranding of eLearning Industry and accept another big challenge. Thus, at eLearning Industry, me and all the greatly skilled professionals that work for us, we roll up our sleeves and we are ready to start planting, growing, and harvesting again. It’s a dirty job, but we’re all dedicated to doing it.

Yes, you’ve got it right. We will change. We go with the flow of times, we can adapt. It’s scary and intimidating but we’re more than happy to play along. It’s also exciting, so we focus on the positive outlook and, after some heavy brainstorming—and more sleepless nights to be fair—we are taking eLearning Industry to the next level. We are ready to rebrand eLearning Industry. By all means, we do not deny our “origin” (eLearning), but we would like to move forward and expand our community.

Always Bee-ing Positive

By paying full respect to the fruits of the Tree of Life, we purposefully emerge ourselves into a new era by rebranding eLearning Industry. Our organization stands for community, teamwork, responsibility, progress and productivity. We have managed to translate our brand's pillars into Melissa the Bee!

Bees are known for their hard-working nature, teamwork spirit, and strong sense of community. This is an excellent real-life example that speaks directly to our hearts. This is the most effective way to illustrate our approach with our business, employees, trusted audience, and clients.

Melissa the Bee, a symbol that demonstrates wisdom, strength, and harmony, allows us to encourage the creation of open communication and a unified community. We concluded to this new brand icon as it expresses us completely—now, more than ever!

A Collective Effort

Nowadays online corporate training is even more demanding due to the remote working establishment. In the last few months, an ever-increasing number of users, reaching 1 million, visited us. We continue to grow and we strive to help our community with that same integrity and passion. eLI is the leading online platform for the eLearning industry and our aim through this rebranding is to broaden our community to other niches related to corporate training, covering topics such as HR, recruitment, and more.

We really hope that you continue to support us and help us grow our community even more, as this rebranding initiative would have never happened if it weren’t for you. Our never-ending wish is to provide as many solutions and resources as possible to assist you in fulfilling your own dream, reaching your own professional goals and watch your business flourish. We’ve set sail on a new amazing journey and we would love to have you by our side. Your sincere feedback and thoughts are always appreciated as they’ll help us further promote knowledge and enlightenment in the largest eLearning family of professionals in corporate training, eLearning Industry.

In view of delivering even more corporate training-related topics to you, all of us at eLearning Industry make a deep commitment to set the bar a bit higher. Summing up, I want to highlight that you should never stop learning, gaining knowledge, and of course, dream on. Success is just an idea away, and I’d love to hear your own personal stories of personal growth and how eLearning Industry has affected that.