Promote Your eLearning YouTube Channel: 7+1 Tips For eLearning Professionals

Promote Your eLearning YouTube Channel: 7+1 Tips For eLearning Professionals
Summary: You’ve put a lot of time and money into producing eLearning content for your eLearning YouTube channel. But all your hard work doesn’t seem to be reflected in the subscriber count and YouTube eLearning video views. In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about promoting your eLearning YouTube channel.

How To Promote Your eLearning YouTube Channel

Virtually anyone can create an eLearning video these days with the help of a robust authoring tool. However, driving viewers to your YouTube channel and getting them to subscribe is an entirely different story. After all, you have limited time and resources. So, you have to pick-and-choose which marketing strategies work best for your niche and audience. Here are 7+1 tried and tested promotional tips that can help make your eLearning YouTube channel a success.

1. Analyze Every eLearning Video

Online learners are looking for specific eLearning videos that can give them need-to-know information. They will only subscribe to your eLearning YouTube channel if you meet this requirement and fulfill their learning needs. As such, you must evaluate all of your eLearning videos to ensure that their titles, eLearning YouTube video descriptions, and tags are in order. Incorporate all of the keywords that describe your eLearning content and the benefits it can offer. For example, specific skills or tasks that viewers will learn how to perform. You should also take stock of your eLearning video thumbnails. In most cases, online learners will decide if they want to click through based on that small image. So, make it count!

2. Get Your Audience Involved

Many people think of YouTube as nothing more than a video sharing platform. However, the site gives you a variety of opportunities to connect with your viewers and receive valuable feedback. They can subscribe to your eLearning YouTube channel, like your eLearning videos, and leave comments. Online learners even have the ability to share it on other social networking sites so that their friends can benefit. Some viewers may need a little reminder though. As such, you should invite them to like, subscribe, and share at the beginning and end of each eLearning video. In fact, you may even consider putting it in the description box.

3. Turn To Social Media

You want to create share-worthy eLearning content that online learners post on social networking sites. However, you also need to promote the eLearning videos on your own social media pages. Some of your followers or fans may not even realize that you have an eLearning YouTube channel. Therefore, you should post a link for each eLearning video right after you upload and include a small blurb that grabs their attention. For example, a question or call to action that addresses a common problem. In addition, don't forget to add a brief description to your Google+ post on the eLearning video upload page.

4. Customize Your eLearning YouTube Channel Page

You are allowed you to personalize your eLearning YouTube channel home page by adding a banner, profile picture, and social media links. You can also adjust the layout and sections. For example, you have the option to display your most popular uploads, liked videos, playlists, etc. Another important element is your channel trailer. This is a brief video that entices viewers to subscribe and tells them what to expect. Ideally, the trailer should be under a minute long and convey the tone and message of your eLearning YouTube channel.

5. Team Up With Other YouTubers

Online Collaborations are commonplace on YouTube. They involve two or more YouTubers teaming up to create a video that appears on their respective channels. Online collaborations benefit all parties involved. Viewers learn about new eLearning YouTube channels that they can add to their subscription box, and the creators reach a broader audience. You may even pick up some video promotion tips from your fellow YouTubers, which can help you gain more exposure for your own eLearning YouTube channel. Just ensure that your collaboration partner(s) are in a similar niche so that viewers are still interested in the topic. Also, you should always mention the other YouTuber's channel in the description box and include a link.

6. Get Involved

You're inviting YouTube viewers to leave comments and subscribe. But interaction is a two-way street. You also need to get involved and stay active on your eLearning YouTube channel. This involves replying to comments, thanking loyal subscribers, and checking private messages regularly. It's also wise to subscribe to other channels in your niche and offer genuine constructive feedback. Viewers and other creators are able to see that you're active in the online learning community, which builds your credibility. Try to set aside time each day to maintain your eLearning YouTube channel and respond to subscribers. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your YouTube channel analytics, as well. For example, monitoring the view and like count for each eLearning video to pinpoint popular topics. Low view counts usually mean one of two things: lack of interest or lack of promotion.

7. Offer YouTube Viewers An Added Incentive

Free giveaways and contests provide a two-fold benefit. Firstly, they reward YouTube subscribers and keep them loyal. Secondly, they draw new viewers to your eLearning YouTube channel and turn them into subscribers. To enter the giveaway, viewers must subscribe, like the video or share it on their social media page. The grand prize can be anything from free enrollment in your eLearning course to a copy of your latest eBook. You might even consider a monthly or quarterly giveaway to increase your YouTube subscriber count. Make sure that you clearly state the rules in the description of the announcement video. This includes how viewers can enter, the deadline, and what is up for grabs.

8. Bonus Tip: Increase YouTubers' Loyalty

I’d like to share one final tip that isn’t geared toward promotion, but increasing subscriber loyalty. Organize all of your YouTube eLearning content by category and then create playlists so that online learners can find the information they need. Playlist eLearning videos play automatically, which means that viewers are more likely to watch the next because it’s simply more convenient. This also increases your view counts, which can raise the popularity of your eLearning YouTube channel.

Now you know how to promote your eLearning YouTube channel and make it a success. But do you know how to use this video-sharing platform to make your eLearning course more engaging and immersive for your audience? Read the article 5 Ways YouTube Can Transform Your eLearning Course to discover a few ways YouTube can transform and improve your next eLearning course.