Project Management Software for Students: Let’s make Projects A ‘Cakewalk’

ProofHub - Project Management Software
Summary: To be a student isn't an easy job; you have to learn, memorize, take tests and the most intimidating experience comes as an assignment or project. When I was in college, there used to be a project task every semester and trust me it was hard. With all your teammates having different cultural backgrounds and thinking; communicating with every member at a common place and time, becomes a big hassle.

ProofHub: Project Management Software for Students

No matter which academic stream one is into; this problem is faced by almost every student. Well, now I am a tutor and I clearly know how it feels to be a student, especially when you are on a project. You have a bundle of “to-do-things”- plan, prepare, implement and test. And, to get all this done correctly and timely, you need - clear communication, teamwork, dispute resolution and above all a ‘creative mind’.

Tackling all these project requirements together with your team members demands a central hub, where you can discuss, create and track project related things. And this is where the role of ProofHub comes into action. For those who are new to this name and those having little idea about it, let’s take a walk together to learn how ProofHub is an “All-in-One Project management software for students.

  • A Collaborative Workspace- Anytime, Anywhere

Everyone loves to work in a team, because it gets the job done easily. However, as those face to face team sessions are rarely possible, using ProofHub to fulfill the purpose completely makes sense. Using it, you have your one central space where every teammate can be reached without bothering about time and place.

  • You don’t have to be a Tech Geek- It is just Internet, a Browser and You

The best thing about ProofHub is that there is no download and installation; a great sigh of relief, thanks to its creators. Getting started with this project management software is as easy as three simple steps-

  1. Open the log in screen on your browser
  2. Fill in your credentials
  3. Begin with your project
  • Store Data as Per your Project Requirements

As there are 4 different plans offer data storage starting from 1GB to 80GB, you have got ample options to save your project data, depending upon which plan you choose.

  • Organize, Track and Deliver according to Deadlines

For better organization of files created within a project, it lets you create folders to separate files of different relevancy. With its Gantt chart feature, it lets you keep up with the latest changes made to the project tasks time to time.

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  • Work on Clear communication Lines

ProofHub offers a central discussion area, where anyone can set a new topic and subscribed users can make comments, attach files and share just anything.

  • Create Multiple Projects

Interestingly, ProofHub lets you create and manage not just a single project; but as many as you want. While its Personal plan offers a count of 10 projects, the Enterprise plan extends to unlimited, which means you can choose as per your requirement.

Folks! We all know that as a project moves forward, things usually slip up and clutter without any sequence, if there is no management and tracking done side by side. So, if you are going to start with a new project- Why not keep it organized, simple and clear from the beginning itself and make things easy.

Try ProofHub and I am sure you will be more than happy!!