15 Best Project Management Software For eLearning Teams

15 Best Project Management Software For eLearning Teams
Summary: When it comes to managing your eLearning projects, you may think over at times that you are missing out something to keep things on tracks. In this article, I am highlighting the best online Project Management tools you should have at your disposal to produce extraordinary eLearning experiences.

Project Management Software For eLearning Teams

In an increasingly evolving job market, where various organizations are adapting to learn strategies transforming the landscape of Learning and Development, keeping everything on tips is a must. For Project Managers, it is not as simple as it sounds to adopt eLearning. eLearning professionals are facing challenges when it comes to using eLearning resources. It becomes extremely important to carefully track what will work the best and what will not in order to empower better learning.

The Need For Project Management Tools

Behind every successful eLearning team is a set of tools that teams use to manage their projects. As the Project Managers are looking forward to inspiring their teams to produce the best possible results, they should carefully plan every project strategy to streamline the process. So, you need Project Management tools to start saving right away on time and energy spent on manual work management.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of tools for eLearning Project Managers and teams to simplify the way they work:

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a versatile cloud-based tool to put all your eLearning teams need at one place. You need not invest in different tools to manage projects and collaborate. ProofHub takes care of all your eLearning needs that include planning what needs to be done, transparency in assigning tasks, discussing ideas, organizing documents, creating recurring tasks, email-in, time tracking, announcements, and adding files for a clear task management. ProofHub is ideal for eLearning teams with its supreme flexibility for teams to collaborate from a single location. The teams can stay in a single streamlined place through a web browser or ProofHub mobile app.

2. Wrike

Wrike is a popular work management software for teams in any business to streamline workflow, enable collaboration, gain visibility, and simplify planning. The tool gives the ability to schedule, prioritize and keep track of progress in real time. For all your eLearning industry needs, Wrike is one hub. You can monitor progress from your mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

3. Asana

Asana is an easy-to-use tool with a simple layout that is becoming popular among eLearning professionals. You can create a team, assign them tasks, break work down into tasks, check your teams’ progress, store files, collaborate, set timelines, and manage projects. Asana replaces the use of email for work collaboration. Users can keep a track of task deadline or milestones.

4. Monday.com

Monday.com is a leading solution for managing time and plan ahead visually. You can organize a list of tasks and to-dos, add and share files, email updates, easy integrations, and personal and public boards. On the board, you can add tasks, projects, to-dos, and missions. Monday.com makes sure that eLearning teams can manage everything in a single board.

5. Zoho

There are many factors that make projects complex for the eLearning industry. eLearning professionals have to deal with certain uncertainties to handle large projects. Zoho projects are useful for eLearning professional to access all the projects from anywhere, for continuous uninterrupted workflow, empower individuals to come together, set dependencies for tasks, and assign ownership.

6. Trello

Trello, is trusted by millions of people from all over the world, offers a visual way to manage projects. It is a free web-based tool for eLearners to collaborate and manage projects. Team members can work in real time by managing eLearning projects with boards, lists, and cards. Trello gives unlimited users and projects and 10MB of storage of free version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, watches, and Kindle Fire tablets.

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7. Podio

As an eLearning professional, you can work in real-time with classmates to coordinate study groups and organize research. You can easily create web forms to collect hassle-free research and find all of your documents in one place. It gives an unlimited storage to meet all your needs. Podio eliminates miscommunication with a high level of visibility for all stakeholders and handles the project so you can get on with the project.

8. Scoro

A comprehensive cloud-based Project Management software, Scoro, with its reporting capabilities that are not comparable to any other Project Management solution. eLearning team can streamline work and eliminate routine tasks, know all the linked projects and file, sent invoices, quotes, track billable time spent, and automate invoices.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp is designed specifically for collaboration in teams working remotely. eLearning professionals can break down and assign every to-do task, develop iterative documents, set dates and deadlines separately, keep an eye on the progress tab, have an in-app collaboration with the team and finish a project together. The whole team will work together better.

10. Workzone

Workzone is built for eLearning teams to get visibility in all their projects. It helps to save time on processes and approvals, users will always know what to do next, you will get your personalized individual to-do lists, create task dependencies, see status with Gantt charts, and is simpler to use than more complex tasks.

11. Nutcache

Nutcache is an all-in-one Project Management solution for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle. The tool focuses on time tracking and time billing, planning, committing, measuring, and controlling the progress of a project. It has a good-looking User Interface.

12. Cage

Cage is Project Management and media collaboration for eLearners. It streamlines team communication, collaborative media reviews, asset management, and increases productivity. Attach annotations directly on to any file—images, video, audio, PDFs, and over 150+ other popular formats.

13. Microsoft Project

Microsoft project used by 20+ million user streamlines resource and portfolio management. This is the best for teams as built-in templates and scheduling features help teams to stay productive. Using the set of integrated tools, users can gain insight into how resources are used, optimize project portfolio, and execute projects with ease.

14. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a good choice for automating collaborative work. Over 50% of the Fortune 500 use Smartsheet for project plans and schedule, resource management, budget tracking, strategic planning, and program rollups.

15. Volerro

Volerro is simplifying the work-lives of teams around the world. It is a cloud-based application that manages changing priorities, provides increased project visibility, and increased productivity. Volerro makes building workflow easy, enabling shifting of tasks from one workflow step to the next.

Give Project Management Tools a try. Find time to examine your workflow requirements, demands, and needs and choose the right software solution for your eLearning team. If you are constantly struggling with Project Management issues, how are you overcoming it? Let us know your favorite tools and tips.