5 Questions A Coaching Business Owner Must Ask During The COVID-19 Crisis

Coaching Business: Are Mobile Apps The Answer?
Summary: Amidst an ongoing global pandemic, where most of the businesses are struggling to survive, there is a huge opportunity for coaching institutions. All they need to do is rethink their strategy.

Coaching Businesses: Are Mobile Apps The Answer?

The time is undoubtedly bringing a tough dilemma in front of coaching businesses. Either you fit in or fade out! Coming down to the undebatable conclusion that businesses want to go for the first option. Who doesn’t want to remain the best no matter what the situation is? However, if we dig deeper into the situation, it’s not only about surviving and staying ahead of the competition for now but in the long run, as the coronavirus aftereffects are not going to be easy on any business.

What we are facing now is unexpected, and we have to make decisions we never anticipated. Since you cannot afford your decisions to lead up any blind alleys, we have pulled together 5 questions every coaching business owner must be juggling with during the pandemic crisis.

1. Can I Still Make My Business Grow During The COVID-19 Lockdown?

For a business that deals in brick-and-mortar classrooms, this question definitely requires an answer. Remember problems are an opportunity! As they say, every cloud has a silver lining; similarly, coaching businesses are fortunate enough to be able to ameliorate the crisis. Getting involved in the evolvement of technology is the right approach to have your coaching business grow. How? Let’s find out in the other questions below.

2. What Is The Right Approach For Growth?

To sit back and wait for the normality to resume is certainly going to hit you hard. And, let’s all agree to disagree on the fact that everything will go back to normal after the lockdown and that your business will resume providing services like before. So, this is the time to identify and embrace the emerging technologies that can fix your business worries.

If you realize, the success of your coaching business is now online. Students’ shift to virtual classes was in the offing way before the COVID-19 outbreak. With the subsequent lockdown, the switchover is speeding up more dramatically. There are advanced eLearning mobile applications helping coaching centers get their business back on track. It is time you take the right approach!

3. How Do eLearning Apps Help With Reaching Out To Students And Facilitating Communication?

There are many ways eLearning applications can help coaching centers and independent trainers to grow and build their value in the market. To understand how exactly these apps work, we tried approaching some of the leading eLearning app providers.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, the CEO of Teachzy (an eLearning android app for trainers and coaching business owners) said, “Our app is designed to provide coaching centers an interactive platform to engage with students via video conferencing, live lectures, and other in-app features. Tutors can teach, clear doubts, develop assignments, give grades, and reward the students for their achievements easily, while coaching owners can assign tasks and look after the entire admin requirements in a hassle-free way.”

4. How Dependable And Trustworthy Are eLearning Mobile Apps For Coaching Businesses?

The current, new-age generation loves everything online, and that’s where the success of these learning mobile apps lies.

“Online learning seems to be the only option for at least 3-4 months, and students, as well as coaching centers, will have to come to terms with the changed reality,” said Kapil Gupta, the founder and CEO of NEETprep.

With the situation screaming for everything to go online, eLearning mobile applications are coming out as the most dependable way for coaching centers to maintain their existence. And, when it comes to security, a reputed eLearning app guarantees the utmost data security and management. It’s all about choosing the right provider.

5. Would Such Mobile Applications Be A Good Investment Even After Lockdown?

Did you know, for the first time in 30 years, that the coaching centers in Kota (one of the largest coaching hubs in India) had to call off their classes because of the COVID-19 lockdown? Although some major institutes that immediately started working on preparing online modules for the students are still stable, there are many that have completely lost their student-base by going with a "no-online" approach.

It’s now crystal clear! Plan your business to be ready for the future or you’ll end up fading away from the market gradually. It would be too naive of us to think that online education will slow down in the coming times. Lockdown has opened up the gate for a new opportunity and evolvement of learning. Bringing education to a digital medium is the most revolutionary step coaching centers and independent trainers should be taking today.


It’s time to be wise on your part and prepare your coaching business for the new technology-enabled world. Reach out to your students in a smart way and give them the best learning experience that excites them and keeps them sticking with you for knowledge and growth.