6 Reasons To Use Realistic Text-To-Speech In Your Online Training Courses

6 Reasons To Use Realistic Text-To-Speech In Your Online Training Courses
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Summary: Improving accessibility is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's dive into the cost-cutting, engagement-boosting perks of using realistic text-to-speech in your online training course.

Why You Should Use Realistic Text-To-Speech Software In Online Training

According to Statista, in 2020, companies spent more than $82 billion on L&D. Yes, that’s 82 with a B. The top companies know that a powerful learning and development structure is worth the investment for both the employer and the employee. Well-planned and executed training courses help with talent retention and reduce turnover. A well oiled L&D program helps an organization stay innovative, grow, and offer a superior level of customer service.

Creating courses in-house may seem intimidating to many companies, but with today’s technology, it can be done. Organizations—no matter the size or industry—must recognize that the key to staying competitive is investing in the learning and development of their employees.

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Top Benefits Of Using Text-To-Speech In eLearning

By using realistic text-to-speech in your online training courses, your company can create and maintain a large library of curriculum that provides value for employees and increases engagement. Below are six reasons to use realistic text-to-speech in your online training courses.

Benefit #1: Cost efficiencies

Gone are the days when a basic pamphlet did the job. Today’s most engaging, easily digestible training courses rely on the power of video. And video relies on the power of voiceover. Companies using text-to-speech services for those voiceovers have seen 20% optimization from a budget perspective, compared to those using a professional voice agency. Using text-to-speech for your training videos creates a higher throughput at a lower cost to your organization. Text-to-speech allows for you to have total control and eliminate the back-and-forth communication with a professional voice agency, which is time consuming and often very costly. And the more you record, the more you save.

Benefit #2: Easily update evergreen content

Creating training videos is not a one-time project. Rather, they must be updated consistently.
For example, if you have a training video about how to submit a reimbursement through your website, and the original recording used the term ‘click start’, if the button ever changes to the term ‘go’, your recording needs to reflect that as well.

Finding the same voice actor for a one-word change is extremely time-consuming and costly. With text-to-speech technology, you can create simple changes to your voiceovers anytime and redownload them instantly. No matter the size of your company, text-to-speech helps you remain on top of these changes at (literally) the click of a button.

Benefit #3: Increase in productivity

With typical voice production companies, you can only have one person using a studio at a time. And that individual can only create one voiceover at a time. However, by using a text-to-speech avatar, your organization can create multiple voiceovers utilizing the same voice—all at one time. If you’ve ever dreamt of having a fleet of robots working for you, this is pretty close. Text-to-speech saves time, creates consistency, and saves companies money.

Benefit #4: Higher engagement

Non-realistic voices are hard for people to tolerate, distract from the quality of the content, and lead to disengagement. With human sounding text-to-speech, you can easily create and maintain your organization's training materials.

Text-to-speech avatars come in a variety of tones and different genders to help you break up longer modules into easily-digestible training courses. You can customize your material by assigning a different avatar to a specific subject and create interactive learning experiences that hold interest and boost employee engagement.

Benefit #5: Company-specific content

Most organizations who work with voice production companies get new voice actors assigned for each project, or they have the challenge of tracking down the exact same voice actor from years ago.

That alone is tall order, but it’s especially painstaking once you’ve already gone to the work of training an actor on how your company pronounces certain terms or acronyms, and have to do it all over again. For every recording. For perpetuity.

But through the power of AI, text-to-speech avatars learn the proper pronunciation of your products and acronyms, making it easier to produce company-specific content going forward.
Additionally, large organizations that have a multitude of products and acronyms can create audio dictionaries that can get new employees onboarded faster than ever.

Benefit #6: Privacy

Many organizations have proprietary content, algorithms, and processes that set them apart from the competition. That is, of course, why they’re the best at what they do. For privacy reasons, businesses may understandably be hesitant to work with voice production companies, as to not expose any proprietary information.

Not to worry—enterprise text-to-speech platforms are built with security provisions and protocols to protect this kind of content. Using an avatar reduces the exposure of your company’s important information and creates peace of mind for the organization’s leadership.

Additionally, text-to-speech allows you to securely store your scripts in the cloud, instead of sending them as email attachments to recording studios. The text-to-speech ecosystem is built for enterprise companies that value security, innovation, and prioritize L&D.


Those are just a few of the benefits of using realistic text-to-speech in your training materials. Not only does text-to-speech technology save your company time, money, and resources (the trifecta for high-performing brands) but it enables you to create a virtual library of voices, pronunciations, and learning materials that you can edit at any time with the click of a button.

With text-to-speech, you can more easily and effectively protect your most valuable resources—your content… and delight your most valuable assets—your employees.

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