7 Resources To Include In Your Brand Ambassador Certification Course

7 Resources To Include In Your Brand Ambassador Certification Course
Summary: Brand ambassadors are your most powerful marketing asset. Which resources should you include in your brand training certification course?

Top Resources For Your Brand Ambassador Certification Course

The ultimate goal is to transform EVERY employee into a brand ambassador. That includes behind-the-scenes staffers who don’t interact with consumers directly. Because you never know who’ll bring in the next loyal customer. Granted, some employees are more primed for the role than others. Maybe they’re already a team player who’s passionate about their job. Or they’re always willing to spread the word about your products and services. However, even the most reluctant staffers can benefit from a brand ambassador certification course. Since it gives them the opportunity to dive into your brand headfirst and soak up its core values. Below are 7 amazing resources to include in your brand ambassador training course.

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Brand Ambassador Resources That Are Absolutely Essential

1. On-The-Job Simulations

Task simulations aren’t just for real-world experience. They also help you determine how employees reflect your brand messaging when interacting with customers. Then provide immediate feedback to fill skill and performance gaps. As an example, an employee rushes through the sales transaction and their pitch is a bit too forceful. Thus, they may need to work on their communication skills. Not to mention, the ‘commitment to customer service’ that’s part of your brand values.

2. Serious Games That Cover Company Products And Services

Everybody loves a good serious game. In this case, employees have the chance to expand their product knowledge. For instance, match a product to its features. Or determine which add-on services are right for the virtual customer. One of the common misconceptions about employee branding is that products are excluded. That it’s more about the public image and corporate identity. But your business is founded on these products and services. Thus, they’re a crucial component of brand ambassador training. Plus, customers expect you to know your catalog inside-out. If not, they may walk away empty-handed and you lose repeat business.

3. Employee Branding Self-Assessments

Employees usually dread exams. However, self-assessments are a different story. Primarily because they aren’t mandatory, and staffers can identify gaps discreetly. They might be in the form of simulations or serious games. Then again, you can always take the pop quiz approach. Employees must choose from a list of responses or fill in the blanks. After that, the system automatically displays the results. These eLearning assessments should cover topics that are easier to measure. For instance, how well do they know the core values? Have they mastered company policy? You can even pair them with the product knowledge serious games for reinforcement. As an example, they have to take a pop quiz afterward that covers tech specs and upgrades.

4. Real-World Examples Of Social Media Brand Advocacy

No modern brand ambassador certification course is complete without social media. Employees need to know how to promote your brand to the online masses. Or, at least, in relevant groups or pages. Include real-world examples that show them how to advocate your brand based on social media etiquette. The key is to stay positive, even if naysayers try to damage your reputation. Since lashing out will only hurt your brand image. Another issue to address is overstepping boundaries. If their personal social media profiles are public, they must be careful about posting sensitive info. Or even comments that reflect poorly on your brand.

5. Recruitment Video Demos

Recruiting new talent isn’t a top priority for employee branding. That usually falls under the purview of employer branding. However, referring new job candidates may happen organically. As an example, an employee is chatting with a friend about your products and it comes up in conversation. Maybe they’re the ideal person for the position that’s recently opened up. On the other hand, staffers need to know how the referral process works and aligns with your core beliefs.

6. Webinars That Show Your Brand Pillars In Action

Host a separate webinar for each brand pillar. Essentially, these pillars are what makes your organization unique. Or values that tie into your brand identity. You can also record these live events for later viewing. In other words, expand your brand ambassador training library for less. But who will host these webinars? Well, you can either hire an eLearning content provider. Or ask one of your in-house experts to take on the role.

7. Gamified Modules That Incentivize Your Brand Ambassador Training

Game mechanics motivate employees and monitor personal progress. Add badges, points, and leaderboards to your brand ambassador training course to boost staffer engagement. However, the rewards need to support desired behaviors. To illustrate, employees move up the leader board if they successfully complete the branching scenario. This shows they can handle the pressure AND still be passionate about their job. Another gamification element to include is levels. Staffers move to the next level after they demonstrate a core value, for instance.

8. Brand Ambassador Round Tables

Round table live events take webinars to the next level because employees take charge. Everyone has the opportunity to share brand ambassador ideas to improve the strategy. In addition, they can share personal experiences and insights with the team. For example, creative ways to promote your brand on social media. Or tips to provide stellar CX for challenging customers. Once again, you can record these events to inspire future brand ambassadors.


Your brand ambassador certification course doesn’t have to be built overnight. In fact, you can gradually expand as your budget allows. Another option is to hire an eLearning content provider to stretch resources. As they know how to sum up your core values succinctly and personalize the process. Of course, you need to find the right outsourcing partner who understands your company vision. Fortunately, we’ve got an eBook for that…

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