3 Great Benefits Of Brand Training

3 Great Benefits Of Brand Training
Summary: It’s an employee’s first day on the job and orientation is on the schedule. Throughout the training, the employee learns everything from company history to where the break lounge is. You want to make sure the employee gets to know what the company is really all about; including things that are integral to your brand, like company identity, core values, how it’s different from the competition. This is why brand training is a great initiative to include in the onboarding process.

The Advantages Of Brand Training 

By showing employees how to become brand ambassadors, they get to know, work, and embody the company brand. Great brand ambassadors are great assets. Brand training helps educate employees about what the company brand is, how to communicate about it, how to support their company’s brand, and why it matters. For example, a picture from a company outing tagged on Twitter could be great or disastrous for a brand, depending on how it’s communicated. But with brand training, your employees will be engaged and empowered while using guidelines from training. Brand promotion lets employees feel like they’re part of something bigger, and this is great for them and the company. Engaged and proud employees also want to stay with the company and keep promoting the brand. The brand builds a reputation and it attracts talent that wants to be a part of that culture.

So, let’s look at a few reasons why brand training is beneficial.

1. Employees Who Know The Brand Become Engaged And Feel Empowered

A Gallup poll found that 41% of employees don’t know what their company’s branding really is. If an employee doesn’t know what their company is all about, they can’t be brand ambassadors. How can you sell something if you don’t understand it? Companies should use brand training to educate their employees, because they are their biggest asset. Employees interact with customers, vendors, and the greater public, so they should know what the company is all about and how it can benefit others.

Employees who understand their company’s brand have the confidence to deliver, and it makes them feel engaged and empowered. And engaged employees create a great customer experience. They are proud to be a part of the company and want others to know about it.

2. Brand Training Saves Time And Money

I bet you can name at least a few celebrities who are the faces of some major brands. Companies with deep pockets reach out to celebrities to have their brands and products endorsed. Obviously, not every company can do this, but it’s fair to say to that most companies spend time and money on marketing campaigns.

Companies, small and large, shouldn’t forget that employees also have influence. They are the face of the brand to their families, friends and social media followers. Having a good brand training initiative makes sure they receive, engage with and promote their brand to customers and others alike. These types of consistently good, on-brand experiences add up to a high-quality customer experience. And that leads to better customer retention and brand loyalty that augment your company’s marketing efforts.

3. Brand Ambassadors Stay With The Company

Employees don’t want to leave a company that they are proud of. They want to keep spreading the word about the brand. Not only does this keep and attract customers, but it keeps and attracts talent. The company brand maintains a reputation as being a great place to work. An engaged employee shows what it’s like to work for the brand, which makes others want to be a part of that brand culture. A brand with a great reputation can recruit more qualified employees. Great talent stays, while fresh talent comes in and keeps the brand ambassadorship going.

Final Thoughts 

Branding training has clear benefits and companies should take the initiative to make sure every employee takes brand training. Brand training educates employees on what the company’s big picture is and how they can communicate it to others. Employees can also use that training to promote the company’s brand on social media. This makes them feel engaged and it can give the company brand a good image, supplementing existing marketing efforts. Employees who are engaged and proud will want to stay with the company. With results like these, it’s clear to see why companies ought to take advantage of brand training.