The Secret to Choosing The Best AI Voice Generator For Your Corporate Training Videos

The Secret to Choosing The Best AI Voice Generator For Your Corporate Training Videos
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Summary: Choosing the best AI voice generator can help you create amazing and immersive storytelling experiences. Here's how to find the ideal software for your online training videos.

How To Select The Right AI Voice Generator For Your Online Training Productions

So, you now know all the reasons why text-to-speech can transform your business. You know that it can save you hours (if not months) of time when it comes to auditioning your talent, demoing your script, recording your content, and doing retakes. You know that it’s up to one quarter of the cost of traditional voiceover methods such as recording internally or with a voiceover agency. You even know that, from a branding perspective, it’s the surest way to give a unified, familiar voice to all of your content, to create a library of how your organization pronounces certain words or acronyms, and to choose a voice that reflects your brand and the context of your learning and development content.

But there is one final most under-rated secret to choosing the best AI voice generator. It’s this:

Ultimately, it’s not about choosing a voice avatar that just says things correctly. It’s about choosing a voice avatar that says things well.

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The AI Voice Generator Difference

The truth is, most text-to-speech platforms can say things correctly. They can, technically, say the words right, log the pronunciations, and provide an easier, more cost-efficient approach to recording content.

However, it’s kind of like the difference between hearing a band live versus having the karaoke track. Do they both sound decent? Sure. But does one sound REAL? Does one feel authentic, while the other sounds like a (well-intentioned) imposter? Does one hold your attention, while the other fades into background noise? That is the difference between most text-to-speech platforms who say things correctly, and WellSaid Labs, which says things well.

Like it or not, the human ear is trained to pick up on even the slightest differences between a robot and a human recording. And with most text-to-speech platforms, you risk that employees could be distracted by those imperfections, instead of focused on your content.

You need your content to sound so life-like that employees don’t even question whether the voice behind it is a natural one. And, while you can resolve some of these inconsistencies with heavy editing, you shouldn’t have to.

Where most text-to-speech platforms struggle is where WellSaid Labs thrives—in saying things well. In sounding so life-like that your employees can’t tell the difference between a human voiceover and an AI voiceover. For WellSaid Labs, this is verifiably the case, both in the corporate setting and in actual studies as verified by a third-party data analytics firm.

With WellSaid Labs, your employees can focus on your content, instead of being melodically lulled to sleep by a robotic voice. With WellSaid Labs, the standard is not in creating an avatar that just says things correctly. It’s in creating an avatar so life-like, so human, that your employees assume it as such. That the focus can be on your masterful learning and development content. That the voice becomes the puzzle piece that doesn’t deter from your content—but elevates it. In quality, in ease, in efficiency, in retention, and in the new age of learning and development.

The new age of text-to-speech is here. It sounds nice, doesn’t it?


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