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6 Signs That You Need To Purchase New HR Software

6 Signs That You Need To Purchase New HR Software
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Summary: Is your HR software outdated? Discover six tell-tale signs that warn you it is time to invest in a new HR software for your business.

Does Your Business Need New HR Software?

Does it feel like lately HR functions are becoming increasingly complicated to complete and keep up with? Human resources is a constantly evolving field and it seems that current HR processes are unsustainable. But how can you tell that it’s time to invest in new HR software? Here are 6 warning signs that your business is facing the consequences of an outdated system and is in dire need of an upgrade.

1. Your HR Team Is Drowning In Paperwork

Rapid growth is certainly a positive sign for an organization, but it can be tough for your HR team to cope with. Spending most of your days screening candidates, recruiting employees, onboarding new hires, or monitoring performance creates heaps of paperwork that translate to an unbearable workload. As a result, employees suffer from stress and burnout and become less efficient and productive. HR software can streamline and automate most of these tasks, thus reducing the workload and increasing productivity.

2. Onboarding Is Dull And Inefficient

Onboarding is a critical time when new employees are introduced to the company culture and their new role. If your business is like most, onboarding is all about paperwork and is almost exclusively handled by the HR department. Overwhelming new employees with documents and paper forms on their first day makes the process frustrating and can create a negative first impression. Sophisticated new HR software offers tools that send out and retrieve all documentation before the newcomer even sets foot in the door! This leaves more time for HR and makes your new employee’s first day more enjoyable.

3. Human Errors Are Becoming A Common Occurrence

If you’re still using manual processes, one thing is certain: you’re dealing with many human errors. Unfortunately, manual data entry, simultaneous usage of multiple systems, and dependence on spreadsheets leave a lot of room for slip-ups that negatively impact your organization. Imagine how much you would pay (or have already paid) for failing to comply with a recently updated labor law that slipped your attention. Or how frustrated and unhappy your employees get when they have to deal with repeated payroll mistakes. Integrated HR software can be your safety net against human error by unifying, optimizing, and automating complex processes.

4. High Employee And HR Turnover Rate

If HR is too busy keeping up with onboarding, compliance, and payroll errors, then they probably struggle to efficiently address employee concerns—such as discrimination or unsafe working conditions. This could lead to employee dissatisfaction and eventually resignations. High turnover is a serious consequence that could jeopardize your company’s future. Don’t forget to take a look at your HR team as well. If you seem to be losing HR staffers, it could mean that the workload has become unmanageable. HR software can combat turnover by taking the focus off of manual processes and promoting communication and career development.

5. Reports Are Produced Manually

There’s no denying that processes have become too complicated for the HR systems of the past. If you’re still relying on manually pulling key data and insights to build reports, you’re putting unnecessary weight on your shoulders and wasting precious time. Manual reporting doesn’t allow you to properly utilize employee data and uncover pain points. Not to mention that it complicates data analysis and trend prediction. Instead, you can opt for HR software that automatically generates comprehensive reports and provides insight to help you effectively monitor performance and make informed business decisions.

6. Access To Information Is Complex And Time-Consuming

If you’re still storing everything in multiple systems or, even worse, in literal filing cabinets, then you definitely need new HR software. Firstly, such storage systems make it impossible to keep files organized. As a result, employees struggle to access the data they need, which leads to frustration and frequent errors. In addition, the files are only as secure as the people handling them. Contrary to past beliefs, cloud-based software is much safer than paper-based storage. HR software also allows you to back up data so you can be certain that no document is lost or destroyed.


Productivity is closely linked to the efficiency of the HR department. If you’re using too many paper-based systems or outdated software, it’s possible that you’re subjecting your employees to too many hours of tedious, laborious HR-related tasks. New and modern HR software can automate repetitive tasks like reporting, filling out forms, or analyzing data. As a result, the HR department is free to focus on processes such as onboarding, performance management, benefits administration, etc. Before you know it, your HR software will boost employee satisfaction and make your business more efficient and productive.

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