Sign Up To Elucidat And Receive A Free Custom Theme Design Worth $5,000

Sign Up To Elucidat And Receive A Free Custom Theme Design Worth $5,000
Summary: Elucidat is a simple and intuitive authoring tool built for Learning and Development teams that need to deliver high-quality eLearning, fast. As a special promotion for the audience, we are offering free custom theme designs to new customers.

Here’s How The Elucidat Special Promotion Works

  • Sign up to Elucidat using this link.
  • Our designers will work with you to design and build a custom theme using your brand, colors, and style (see client examples below).
  • You can use this theme to author and deliver new eLearning courses with Elucidat in minutes.
  • Must buy a minimum of four licenses to qualify for free theme design.


Top 4 Reasons Why Learning And Development Managers Use Elucidat

  1. Simple to use, no training required.
    Unlike other authoring software, trainers, team leaders and others with no previous eLearning development experience can use Elucidat to quickly author high-quality eLearning.
  2. Brand match and control.
    Ensure consistent brand quality across your eLearning. Enforce design standards so all your authors are able to produce better-looking eLearning.
  3. Author once, learn anywhere.
    Elucidat courses are multi-device compatible. They look beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Test as you author with our responsive slider.
  4. Author eLearning faster.
    Our inbuilt collaboration and communication tools enable your team to spend less time collating feedback and more time authoring eLearning.

Exclusive offer: Sign up to Elucidat and receive a free custom design worth $5,000

Learn How Elucidat Works In 80 Seconds

Exclusive offer: Sign up to Elucidat and receive a free custom design worth $5,000

Customer Success Stories

1. Tesco, Sam Taylortesco logo

Tesco uses Elucidat to build eLearning for its Tesco Academy. Sam Taylor, Head of Learning, describes Elucidat as ridiculously easy to use.

“We’ve got people clamoring to use the tool which we never had before. We’ve doubled the amount of people making eLearning whilst reducing costs by 50%.”

2. Connect Group, Michelle Bartonlogo-connectgroup

Michelle Barton, Learning and Development Partner at Connect Group, recognizes the benefits of Elucidat’s inbuilt collaboration and communication tools. Her team spends less time collating feedback and more time authoring eLearning.

“Elucidat has enabled us to create high-quality interactive eLearning content in-house, saving us over 50% in production time and cost compared to using an external partner.”

3. Utility Warehouse, Paul Goundryutility-warehouse

Utility Warehouse uses Elucidat to deliver learning to 46,000 of its learners. Paul Goundry, Head of Learning at Utility Warehouse, says with Elucidat they don’t compromise user experience on any device.

“We’ve tried other tools, but found that [getting] them to work across different platforms meant our content had to be incredibly limited. For example, we ended up having to lock things in landscape formats; the tools didn’t actually allow us to present our content how we wanted or how our learners expected.”

Last chance: Sign up to Elucidat and receive a free custom design worth $5,000

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