5 Ways To Develop Your Skills With eLearning Apps

5 Ways To Develop Your Skills With eLearning Apps
Summary: In this article, I will share how eLearning apps can help anyone learn and, why not, boost their career in the future.

How To Develop Your Skills With eLearning Apps

Let's start with some inspiring words said by Howard Gardner:

"If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance."

We are in 2018 now, and what I feel is that the education industry has drastically changed during the last 5 years, transforming into an edTech industry. We can simply say an amazing fusion of education with technology is known as edTech.

The revolution of digitization has impacted the education system very much and modified it drastically. In the past, we used to study a course, focus on our course books provided by the school, college, or organization, and learn from teachers only by attending classes in particular places at fixed times.

But now, the arena is completely changed after the introduction of eLearning apps. You can now learn anything from anywhere. Here, let me tell you how these eLearning apps are beneficial for you. They offer you:

1. The Use Of Quizzes

There are so many quizzes available in eLearning apps. These quiz sections are having filters so you can choose your area of interest and solve quizzes accordingly. Suppose you want to make your history skills stronger; you can just tap on a history filter and it will start showing you quizzes related to history. You can enhance your knowledge only by solving those quizzes.

Everything is stored in the app. For example, you have solved 10 quizzes so far: The app will be having a record of that, including how many answers you have given correctly and how many mistakes you've made, as well as the correct answers for every question. So, by checking these stats, you can analyze your progress and perform better. By solving quizzes on a regular basis, you will be able to improve your skills and knowledge. The best part is that you can do this anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is your phone and an eLearning app.

2. Live Sessions

Many eLearning apps offer you live sessions with a number of mentors and teachers available online at the particular time whom you can ask about any problems or any doubts you may have on a course. You can also ask them to teach you any syllabus, chapter, or lesson. In eLearning apps, there is a feature known as "live sessions rooms". So, simultaneously, there will be many rooms available online, discussing different topics. You can join any of the live session rooms you wish according to your area of interest, and then you may also start interacting there. The best part is that it will make you feel like you are attending a real class.

3. Videos And Interactive Models

eLearning apps consist of a huge number of videos and interactive 3D models that can answer your queries. Many apps have videos that cover varied topics which can make your learning better and easier. Research has shown that learning something by watching videos makes learning easy and increases retention. Even if you don’t understand anything at first, you can always go back to the video and watch it repeatedly until you understand that topic completely. There are so many 3D models which make learning fun and help you form a clear picture of a concept in your mind. It's proven that if you create an image of something in your mind,  you will never forget it.

4. Forums And FAQ

eLearning apps are supported with forums and FAQ. The predefined set of questions can sometimes help you clear your doubts. Even if something is not available in a particular FAQ section, you can directly ask your question in the forum where somebody may provide you with the answer you need. If you know something and you want to share it,  you can post it in the forum section, to help others. You can also answer to others' questions and all that will enhance your knowledge and make you confident about your knowledge level.

5. Personal Mentors And Detailed Analysis

Teachers and mentors can also register the eLearning app and provide right guidance to their audience. This way, you can choose a personal mentor or a teacher who will be there for you to solve any queries and questions. You can even rate and review them, which means you can also choose any mentor based on their rating or reviews. The best part is that if you don't like the teaching method and style of one teacher, you can change him/her anytime and choose a new one for you.

A detailed analysis means that an app will be storing all the data about you, such as how much of your syllabus is completed, what topics you have searched, how many online tests you have taken and what your scores are in those, or how was your ranking among all. All this data will be available in the form of graphs, bars, charts, numbers, and percentages that can give you a clear picture of your progress and you can, later, analyze yourself and start improving your weaknesses.

Final Words

I would suggest you follow the trend and start using eLearning apps to enhance your skills and knowledge. There are so many mobile app development companies in the market that offer user-friendly and interactive applications, so, the app stores are full of different kinds of eLearning apps. Try some of them and share your experience!