How Snapchat Is Changing Corporate Learning

How Snapchat Is Changing Corporate Learning
Summary: Snapchat is the rage among young professionals. So, what do you need to know about it and how it is going to impact corporate learning?

The Impact Of Snapchat On Corporate Learning  

Technology changes fast. It’s common for an organization’s major software purchase to be outdated by the time it’s implemented into the workforce. As fast as technology is changing in the enterprise market, it’s changing 10X faster in the consumer market.

So why should corporate training care about what’s going on in the ever-changing consumer technology market? For the first time ever, Millennials (the major consumer of these technology applications) are the largest percentage of the workforce, and by 2025 they will make up 75% of the workforce.

Corporate trainers should care because their core audience is or soon will be young professionals. These learners have a different mindset; here are 8 traits of the corporate learner in 2016. These learners are savvy users of technology and are used to picking their preferred technology applications. One of the biggest choices they are now making is Snapchat.

For those of you not familiar with Snapchat, here is a quick summary of 6 things users are familiar with and now expect.

  1. Short, concise content.
    When I say short, I mean short.  10 Seconds per snap! These can be paired together to create a Snapchat story (always under 3 minutes).
  2. Visual-based.
    “Snaps” (the output of Snapchat) are video clips or photos taken from a mobile device.
  3. Unedited and imperfect.
    The app doesn’t allow for video editing or perfection. People are comfortable with video that delivers meaningful messages over cinema quality.
  4. Instant notifications.
    When new Snapchat messages come in users get a notification on their phone making them aware of it.
  5. On demand. 
    Snapchat messages are consumed when it’s convenient for the user.
  6. Text or chat friends.
    Interacting with each other through quick chat is extremely simple.

So how is this fast growing application changing corporate training? Snapchat’s two biggest effects on corporate training will be on a learner’s expectation of technology and learning content.

Here are a few ideas that any organization can begin to think about to align to the young professional using Snapchat:

  • Create Shorter Content.
    Break down content into microlearning, defined as short bite sized bits of content that ensure knowledge is transferred in a visible, tangible, or measurable way.
  • Use Video.
    Get those cell phone or computer camera's ready for action. Video has never been easier to create and now you don't have to be an expert editor to make video that people want to consume.
  • Utilize On Demand Learning.
    Millennials are much more inclined to seek out learning than any generation before them.  Give them a place to go learn and consume on their own.

Take note of the changes happening around you and begin thinking about how you can move away from an old school Learning Management System or tired content and begin focusing engaging and educating the modern learner.

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