How To Solve Crucial Onboarding Challenges With A Microlearning SaaS Platform

How To Solve Crucial Onboarding Challenges With A Microlearning SaaS Platform
Summary: Employee onboarding involves a set of activities that empower new hires to get acquainted with their teams and learn about the behaviors, processes, practices, and resources of the organization. Remote employee onboarding is the same thing, except that the new hire will work remotely rather than from the workplace. An onboarding program, from the viewpoint of an employee, is a chance to get acclimatized to a new environment.

Microlearning SaaS Platform To The Rescue

For an employer, it is a perfect opportunity to share all the factors that will help the new employees to succeed in their roles. Here, understanding the difference between onboarding and orientation is critical. Let’s talk about orientation first. It is a one-off event that aims to introduce a group of new workers to a company, and also provide a platform for them to know about its history, culture, mission, and vision. It can sometimes also include a segment where new employees complete compulsory new hire paperwork, review behavioral and security policies, and learn about the benefits offered by the company. How can a microlearning SaaS platform help?

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On the other hand, onboarding is a series of activities that take place over a long period of time and are typically adapted for a particular function. Onboarding can involve but isn't confined to, orientation.

For instance, a new employee on the design team can be part of orientation with other new employees joining the company, but their onboarding can last for a few months and can be customized to their position as a designer.

What Makes Remote Onboarding Challenging?

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)—a global management consulting firm—one of the most significant aspects of determining employee experience is onboarding. In comparison to organizations with weak onboarding methods, businesses that have strong onboarding processes in place generate 2.5 times more sales growth and a profit margin that is 1.9 times greater [1].

However, it’s not easy to build a perfect onboarding experience as there are many onboarding challenges to navigate. This is why you can benefit from a microlearning SaaS platform. Let's examine the issue, first.

Like many other procedures enabling remote teams, remote employee onboarding needs much more paperwork when compared to how a lot of co-located teams work. However, you can use video conferences and interactive team meetings to make the new member of the team feel comfortable without a physical workplace setting which is crucial in the conventional hiring process.

In addition to this, you will need to overcome several challenges that typically affect remote employee onboarding. For starters, you will have to list every step of the process to ensure that the new recruit does not get buried under the landslide of new information. You also have to guide them in determining the best microlearning SaaS platforms for raising questions and learning what they need to know, particularly if they operate in another time zone.

Another one of the onboarding challenges that you need to help new employees overcome is creating an interpersonal bond with a new team. It is easy for new employees to feel lonely when their team members are not on the same team as them. Therefore, it should also be a priority for employers and HR teams to create a framework that promotes casual experiences. These “little things” are what inevitably help to build a strong work culture.

Why A Microlearning SaaS Platform Is The Key To Overcoming Onboarding Challenges

The biggest takeaway from the above discussion on the remote onboarding challenges to overcome is that successfully onboarding new remote employees requires creating a learning experience that is engaging and tailored to the specific needs and role of each employee being onboarded.

When an interactive learning experience is offered to employees on a device of their choice at a preferred time and place, delivering effective training becomes a lot easier. The outcome is that whatever the new employees learn in their onboarding, they are able to easily apply in their jobs.

A microlearning SaaS platform is a perfect way to deliver an interactive learning experience to remote workers. A major reason for this is that learning in short 3-7 minutes intervals corresponds to humans' working memory ability and attention periods [2]. Microlearning improves retention and efficiency by providing training in compact and small learning modules—typically three to seven minutes long—that are easy to understand and process.

It is easier for the human brain to learn when the material is presented with the courses well spread out in small intervals to solidify the learning. Repetition improves retention, as well. Microlearning is perfectly suited to this style of delivery.

Another way a microlearning SaaS platform solves the current challenges facing remote onboarding is by making learning more engaging. It is no secret that the odds of success in any training or onboarding program are ruined by learner boredom and disengagement.

According to a study conducted by Software Advice that surveyed more than 300 employees at different companies regarding learning tools, more than half of the employees say that not only are lengthy courses more difficult to consume and sustain but learning them often gets in the way of their everyday work. They also said that if the courses were shorter, they would utilize their company's learning resources more [3].


This makes the microlearning SaaS platform a valuable investment for overcoming many of the onboarding challenges to successfully onboard new remote employees. If you are wondering about the benefits microlearning has to offer to your remote workforce onboarding process, download the eBook Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process. Discover the best microlearning tips that will help you succeed in your remote workforce onboarding process stress-free. Join our webinar and learn which microlearning platform features will boost your employee onboarding process!


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