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August 30, 2020

5 Tips On How To Use Storytelling When Teaching With Animation

Stories have excited, amazed, and surprised people since the dawn of humanity. Human beings seek meaning. It is in our instinct. One of the ultimate goals of human lives is finding who we are and what we’re meant to be this world. But it’s never easy to achieve that. Therefore, we shift our focus onto other things we do in life in the hopes that at least something is meaningful when we’re alive.
by Huong Giang Bui
August 25, 2020 | Sponsored

A Learning Experience Isn't Just The Content

Learning technologists have arguably focused too narrowly on content to date, but Learning Experience Design is pointing the way toward a rebalancing of priorities. This short article is adapted from a new paper by John Helmer, in collaboration with myself and many others.
by Ben Betts