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September 30, 2014

Virtual Worlds - Simulation or Reality?

It’s always interesting to note someone’s response when they hear you’re using a virtual world as a learning environment. Simulation is generally the word used in the response…‘Ah, so you’re simulating the real thing’. Well yes, I suppose we are. In a way. But what I’ve thought more and more about since implementing learning within a virtual world environment is that simulation and reality can become very blurred in the virtual world. I’m no longer certain it can be simply described as simulated learning – the experience is very real. So is it simulated? Or is it reality? And does it matter?
by Kydon Holdings
November 19, 2013

This house believes MOOCs are doomed

This is the provocative motion of this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN debate. The much-imitated event is a perennial favorite at the Conference; year after year, its mixture of incisive analysis, provocative statesmanship, audience participation and good plain fun make it one of the biggest crowd-pullers. by Alasdair MacKinnon

by OEB News Team