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January 1, 2018

eLearning In 2018: 7 Trends To Keep An Eye On

eLearning, as most of us may already know, has been at its pinnacle since this last decade, and its rise isn't going to stop anytime soon. Each year, we see new trends that add up to online learning, or else eLearning. Check out the top eLearning trends that are going to change or evolve in the coming year of 2018.
by Sujit Senapati
December 28, 2017

Top 50 Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles For 2017

Reaching the end of 2017, we can say that it has been a great year with new trends, theories, tips, and strategies for a better, more complete eLearning experience. In this article, we have gathered up the writings of our most popular authors, presenting you with the top 50 List of the most popular eLearning Industry articles for 2017.
by Christopher Pappas
December 9, 2017 | Sponsored

9 eLearning Trends For 2018

eLearning adoption is growing steadily across the globe in the last few years. With newer technologies and devices, the approach and mode of eLearning adoption are changing rapidly, too.
by Suresh Kumar DN
December 5, 2017

Is Your Learning Technology Fit For 2018 And Beyond?

Your learning technology needs to equip you with the tools to ensure your content performs effectively over time. Make the right decision, and you can adapt your eLearning to your learner’s changing needs. Choose the wrong technology and you’ll be lumped on-going headaches.
by Steve Penfold
December 4, 2017

How ‘Deep’ Is Deep Learning?

The secret sauce to training/ learning success doesn't lie in AI alone. It goes far and beyond to encompass learning in all its avatars, and its utilization for employee, process, and business improvement.
by Amit Gautam