2022 Report: The State Of eLearning [eBook Launch]

2022 Report: The State Of eLearning [eBook Launch]
Summary: Download this eBook to explore the current state of eLearning and how the L&D landscape will change in years to come.

What Is The State Of eLearning Today And What Does The Future Hold?

The eLearning landscape is constantly shifting to keep up with modern tech and achieve current objectives. But what does this mean for L&D teams who are switching to remote or hybrid work models? How can organizations make the most of their resources and continually improve their digital learning initiatives? My Learning HUB surveyed 291 L&D professionals to get their take on the state of eLearning. This eBook sheds light on how the pros have adapted their strategies to address emerging challenges.

eBook Release: 2022 Report: The State Of eLearning
eBook Release
2022 Report: The State Of eLearning
My Learning HUB surveyed 291 L&D professionals to get their perspectives on eLearning and what tomorrow might bring.

How Can L&D Teams Ride The Tides Of Change?

One of the most significant challenges that Learning and Development professionals face is meeting modern learners' expectations with the available resources. How can you fully engage learners from afar and bridge gaps using all of the tools at your disposal? This eBook offers insights to help you determine the best approach moving forward, whether it's repurposing your L&D budget or updating your content creation strategy. It also gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your current eLearning perspective to see if it's time for an L&D mindset shift. For example, look at your online training program from an employee growth POV when it's time to calculate ROI.

About This eBook

What are L&D pros' perspectives on eLearning and the future of digital training? Here's a quick sneak preview of what you'll find in this guide:

  • There's Been A Rapid Digital Transformation - What Has This Meant For L&D?
  • The L&D Landscape Has Changed, But So Have Attitudes
  • We Know What We Want From L&D, But Can We Achieve It?
  • eLearning Isn't Going Anywhere, But It Is Changing
  • Summary Of Our Findings


Download the eBook 2022 Report: The State Of eLearning to dive into the data and see what the future holds for eLearning.