4 Reasons Why Successful Training Providers Are Embracing Digital Learning

Why Successful Training Providers Are Embracing Digital Learning

Transitioning from offline to online training products helps make your content modern and fresh. This enables you to produce cutting-edge, in-demand digital training content that your customers will want to purchase and recommission. You can get started by using current training material, such as visual diagrams, demo videos, workshop content, and written guides. But you don't want to just regurgitate standard content in an authoring tool to produce online learning content.

While it's important to have the right authoring tool that can simplify eLearning authoring and make it efficient, your goal should be creating digital products that aid in bringing real, relevant performance results to your customers. Also, you have to make this digital learning content accessible via multiple devices if you want it to be modern. Unfortunately, content is not the same thing as learning experiences. If you want real results, consider the opportunities that digital learning offers in comparison to printed materials and face-to-face training.

Here are some of the reasons the top training providers are embracing digital learning:

1. Access From Any Device, Anytime

Bring your learning content to learners any time of the day, on any device, by using responsive tools. Sports federation FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) was able get this done by taking data from their existing 400-page coaching course and converting it to valuable and relevant digital learning content. Thanks to Elucidat’s eLearning authoring tool, learners can now access the content from anywhere, at any time. Your learners don't have to digest all the information in one sitting, either. Reformat your content so they can use it in digestible bites that fit their learning styles or schedules, microlearning style.

2. Tailorable To Personal Needs

The right eLearning software simplifies configuring content and learning experiences, and branding to individual needs. You can even personalize content to meet needs as users learn. With the right tech tools, you can leave the sheep dip approach behind and focus on rethinking what your product is all about. Instead of "fixing" it altogether, you can tailor it to fit customers' needs and branding. This flexibility helped FIVB create a custom layout that fit its brand, values and message.

3. Easy To Update

Many training providers flock to a digital content approach primarily because digital content makes it easier for them to update and translate learning content, keeping it fresh. Cloud-based tools, such as Elucidat's authoring tools, make it easy for any team member to edit learning content and refresh related versions from virtually anywhere. This same approach helped keep FIVB's content up to date and fresh in a matter of seconds.

4. People-Powered

Your real IP and USP lies in your team of coaches and experts. When you use the right digital authoring tools that promote collaboration, you can empower everyone to advise, coach and share content. Unleash their power to keep your digital learning content updated.

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Final Thoughts

Digitizing your training is significant if you want to keep your learning content fresh, but it also requires you to think beyond content. Take advantage of its opportunities, including accessibility, customization, collaborative updates and people-centric focus. Format your content to be accessible across multiple devices.

Create products that can be customized to suit different customer needs via built-in functions, such as variations manager. Go for tools that empower your experts to review, share, collaborate and update in a simple, one-step process.

If you are ready to embrace better digital learning, try Elucidat for free to gain from all its benefits.

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