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April 21, 2016

Augmented Learning: An Argument For Its Use

While the concept of “on demand” eLearning is not new to Instructional Designers, the use of Augmented Learning (or AL) is fast catching currency within learning content creation circles. For those of us who are new to this concept, augmented learning is a technique that helps Instructional Designers adapt learning environments to a particular learner. In this article, we will talk about Augmented Learning (AL) and look at some use cases and tips for augmented success.
by Marina Arshavskiy
March 30, 2016

Using Virtual Reality In Education

The beginning of the Sixties, besides the Cuban Crisis and the rise of the hippie movement, is notable for giving birth to Sensorama, one of the earliest prototypes of the modern virtual reality equipment. It allowed for viewing stereoscopic 3D images accompanied by stereo sound, smells, as well as wind effect. The device was revolutionary for its time, and it spearheaded the development of what Jaron Zepel Lanier dubbed in 1989 as “Virtual Reality” (VR). Having obtained a catchy name, the new technology has been gathering new adherents ever since.
by Michael Treser
April 28, 2015

The Augmented Future Of eLearning: Augmented Reality In eLearning

The way in which we use technology to enhance our daily lives seems bound to a two dimensional screen. eLearners are always up to date in terms of the way in which we consume information; but what if you were able to display digital artifacts on the world around us? What if the “one size fits all” digital learning courses could be tailored to an individual?
by Nicholas Filler
April 27, 2015

Augmented Learning 102: Voice Activated eLearning - Listen Up!

You’ve probably heard that the only silly question is the one that you didn’t ask. Well, technology has now taken that saying one step further. Voice recognition allows us to talk to, rather than through, our mobile devices. One of the best things about our mobile devices... they don’t judge. No question is too silly.
by Joel Copeland
April 20, 2015

Augmented Learning 101: QR Codes

I’ll bet that when you encounter the phrase ‘augmented learning’ you get a mental picture of a person, wearing a high tech set of goggles or a helmet, with an expression of opened-mouthed, rapt wonder on his/her face. Right? That’s augmented learning. Right?
by Joel Copeland