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June 30, 2016

Changing Behavioral Patterns Through Education

Behavioral patterns are useful in everyday lives, but changing them is hard. Let's look at the stages a person passes through when his behavior model changes. This will help to understand the students’ psychology and plan the syllabus in order to reinforce new behavioral patterns in their minds.
by Michael Treser
April 22, 2016

eLearning Courses, The Saviors Of The Academic Textbook

Traditional book sales have dropped globally in the last half-decade. This is no longer some technology guru’s forecast, but a true and proven fact in the international publishing industry. The number of books sold has steadily dropped in recent years, decreasing by almost a third in countries deeply damaged by the economic crisis, like Spain or Italy, and hence the number of books printed has gradually been reduced. This trend includes trade, educational, and STM (Science, Technical and Medical) publications, the latter two being the most affected. A drop in sales reveals the need for a change in the business model so that the academic publishing industry can remain profitable. Enter eLearning courses.
by Teresa Lopez